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What’s the influence of Korean Wave in China? Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


I want to write a paper about how the variety show in Korea influence China in one class called Digital Culture. I have written 10 pages, but I found it not detailed enough. I want to add 10 pages or more, mainly about "Running men". I have add a instruction file about what question could answer in this paper, In addition to what I have provided, also add more sources in this paper. The 10 pages I have written can be changed to make the article smoother if you feel that it is not good.


Tittle: Korean Variety Shows in China

Topic: What’s the influence of Korean Wave in China?

Thesis paragraph (and questions):

The content of digital media is different from each country. Each country’s digital media included intellectual property, privacy and innovation. From the Chinese audiences, one of the most powerful news in the end of 2016 is that “Running Man”, as one the of the most popular Korean variety shows in Hallyu history, will come to an end in February 2017. Unfortunately, although “Running Man” has been keeping “running” for more than six years, it cannot continue bringing laughing to its audiences all over the world. However, the success of Chinese “Running Man” is continuing. “Running Man” had been famous for years before its Chinese vision got introduced to Chinese audiences. Korean variety shows cannot be ignored in the Korean Wave, which has global influences. Because of the Korean themes, values, generation gap, and profits, China audiences are familiar with different imported Korean variety shows. However, with the strict regulations of introduced Korean shows, Chinese variety shows need innovations for brighter futures.

1 . Why Running man Korean Variety show were popular in China?  

2. What is the difference between Asian and Korean shows about Running man?

3. Why the Chinese like in variety shows, for example “Running man”?

4. Why Korean shows successful, for example “Running man”?

5. What did China learn form Korean based on Running man?

6. Why is China using Korean variety shows and it is very popular like Running man?


  1. Playing to the World’s Biggest Audience: The Globalization of Chinese Film and TV – by Micheal Curtin
  2. Free Culture: The Nature and Future of Creativity – by Lawrence Lessig
  3. Always Already New: Media, History, and the Data of Culture – by Lisa Gitelman
  4. A Taiwanese Chat Show Hit in Mainland China: Kangxi laile (Kangxi Coming) and the Rhetoric and Politics of Private Life and Body – by Shenshen Cai
  5. Glocalization of the Korean popular culture in East Asia: Theorizing the Korean Wave – by Hyejung Ju
  6. Feel free to add more source!!

What’s the Influence of Korean Wave in China?

Northeast Asia has grown greatly in terms of an unprecedented cultural phenomenon that provides impact on the whole region – “Hallyu” since the 20th century. This Chinese term means Korean wave, is about the love of the cultural economy in Korea, exporting entertainment, movies, TV dramas, music, and even pop culture.
Korea has been setting a dedicated goal to become the leading provider of famous culture all over the world. It is Korea’s way to expand its “soft power”.1 Soft power means that the country of Korea was able to gain its popularity through its image, and not through hard force. In addition, Korean wave has become one of the greatest and fast-paced phenomena all over Asia in terms of culture. Korean wave has been dealing tremendous effect to other countries in the continent and outside the continent, and it boosts the economy of Korea. This makes Korean become futuristic and rich.
Introduction of Reality Shows in the Chinese Market
Before reality shows are introduced in the Chinese media industry, one critical problem in the TV industry of China was lacking of programming variety, and this has led mainly from a lack of producers for original TV programs. There are media scholars who warned TV producers that if they would not be able to move quickly on exploring the original and catchy media market soon enough, many of their viewers will see entertainment on other aspects, most likely on the World Wide Web. This gives them more options for more Western and Asian companies. The result is that Chinese producers and the country itself was becoming more open to the World Trade Organization and international entry, more particularly the Korean Wave. This is when China’s television entertainment market started facing many new opportunities, and entered the format business internationally.
China had a chance to watch reality TV shows in year 2000, which has become a new genre of TV program for them. During those times, Chinese TV stations has bought the content of famous reality shows from foreign countries and aired them nationally. Because of that, China has started entering the format business with international contents; and they started producing original variety shows. “Super Girl”, a Chinese variety show introduced in year 2004, got remarkable attention and great popularity in the Mainland China, and media professionals in the country started finding the potential of reality shows and international Korean market in China. This had sped up the introduction of variety shows all over the world. However, because it lacked originality, few years after it was aired, Chinese media started to partner with international shows and air them in TV stations to be able to attract Chinese viewers. As the international market became saturated, media started to pay attention to the variety shows of South Korea because of their advanced techniques in producing shows, established market strategies, and related cultural elements. Because of the rapid introduction of Korean wave in China, both countries have established official relations and developed in trade, tourism, economy, personnel exchanges, and investment. Cultural exchange between the countries has become closer, too. It is more likely that both are willing to promote each of their cultures and learn from one another.

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