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Art Museums to young adults (Research Paper Sample)

Who are you? You are a team of four college-student interns hired by the National Art Museum Consortium to develop a social media viral marketing campaign that will help them increase museum visits by the young-adult market (18 – 25 yr. olds). Who's the organization? The National Art Museum Consortium is a marketing group created to help promote U.S. national art museums throughout the country. Some of these facilities include the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles; The Art Institute of Chicago; the Guggenheim Museum, New York City; the Smithsonian, Washington D.C., and many others. NOTE: While the National Art Museum Consortium (NAMC) is a fictitious organization created for this assignment, please deal with it as though it is real What do you research? NAMC is asking you, as college business students and young adults yourselves, to recommend ways to use social media to “help increase art museum patronage by young adults”. Thus, research: - what are the best social media outlets available for this purpose and why. - how your target audience - uses social media for information on this type of product/service. - makes purchasing decisions regarding this type of product/service. - cases showing social media being used successfully to “create a buzz” for this type of product/service and other related products. - any other topics you feel will strengthen your report. ( I just need some good research in two pages ) source..
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Art Museums to Young Adults
Viral marketing is a modern technology supported and cost effective way to publicize a service or commodity for businesses. It involves creating and posting a capturing text or article, an attractive well-designed gadget and a brief entertainment video on social networking site with high traffic. The business’ social media network then views the content and share it with their networks and before long, awareness about the service or product reaches thousands of the target audience. The success of the viral marketing is based on how interesting the stories are, how entertaining the videos are and definitely in the uniqueness and quality of the commodities and service (Community toolbar n.p).
You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, My space, Flickr, Pay Pal, Orkut, Digg and Ning are some of the available marketing tools today. It is reported among all social networking sites, Facebook attracts the highest traffic which is approximately seven times that of twitter. Additionally, Pinterest is considered among the best 12 in referring site to viral content. Among the above social media platforms, Facebook, You Tube and Twitter would be the best sites to reach out to the young adults. This is because the young people are enticed by the high interaction capacity that both Facebook and Twitter has gained over the past years and they are also enthusiastic and attracted to You Tube where they can watch the latest videos. Young people are excited about entertaining platforms and thus attaching entertaining and interesting content on these platforms would yield the expected results (Social Media Today n.p.).
Twitter is an excellent and simpler social network that has a growing number of young subscribers owing to its real time communication functionality. Young people are using this platform to share information on topics of interest from their followers faster than in any other platform. Once...
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