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Business Memorandum Uber Ethical Dilemmas Assignment (Research Paper Sample)


through "Uber board member makes sexist remark during meeting on sexism" talk about Uber. go deeper than just the one statement by the board.


Business Memorandum
To: (Lecturer's Name)
From: (Student name)
Date: TIME \@ "MMMM d, yyyy" August 17, 2017
Subject: Uber Ethical Dilemmas
This is a research paper that describes ethical responsibility issues facing Uber (a taxi service company). The paper is organized in three different sections which include identification, consideration and conclusion.
Ethical practices continue to be a heated discussion among many business establishments globally. Ethical business distinctiveness is becoming a core undertaking for businesses seeking to improve and retain their corporate image. Ethical initiatives involve meeting moral obligations arising from relationship between businesses and society or surrounding environment (Goel and Ramesh 46). Ethics is a valuable practice that attracts trust and loyalty. This moral engagement enhances business status by creating long-term benefits for businesses that remain consistent in ethical activities.
Recently, Uber, a taxi service company has been on the crossroad due to numerous ethical concerns. A sexist comment by Uber board member is one among many ethical concerns that have caught public attention. This taxi transport company has been experiencing a rough ride from allegations of unprofessional conduct by its staff (Griffith, 32). Ethical concerns in Uber have been costly to the company resulting into a decline in preference and market share (32). Some of unethical allegations that have confronted Uber recently include compromised passenger safely, privacy concerns, unprofessional employee conduct and questionable leadership tactics. It is worth noting that Uber is in a very competitive transport sector that is experiencing new companies joining the fray on even a daily basis. Any slight tainting of its name is more like shooting oneself in the leg. Competitors can easily use such ,to their benefit, taking more and more of the market share as the company wades in its own mud.
Uber drivers have been accused of engaging in risky multitasking that compromise passengers and other road users safety. For instance, Uber drivers are being accused of constantly checking Uber mobile application while driving in search of the next customer which is a risky activity. This is because, even as per the traffic rules, it is unlawful to use the mobile phone while driving. One's concentration on the road is highly compromised when using the phone, which might easily cause accidents on the road. In yet other ethical concerns, there are allegations of sexual harassment of passengers by some Uber drivers. Female employees in the company have also reported sexual harassment by their bosses. In an interesting revelation, a senior manager of the company was recorded shouting at a junior employee in a case that revealed unethical leadership practice in the company. While shouting can be an unfortunate burst of anger, doing so within the workplace is not only considered rude, but a general lack of respect for juniors. One thing leads to another, and before long, this can easily result in lack of motivation and employee turnover.
Unethical allegations experienced in Uber have created unfavorable business environment that may be costly in expansion and sustaining market share. Ethics entail moral obligation, social responsibility and legal compliance (Voegtlin 581). These attributes are essential requirements that businesses like Uber have to strictly adhere to. Creating ethical operating environmental is beneficial and rewarding. Companies that employ ethical practices create confidence with costumers and other stakeholders. On the other side, investors value business establishments that maintain high level of ethical engagements.
Ethical responsibilit...

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