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Marketing Sales Manual: Surveillance Technology Inc (Research Paper Sample)


Sales And Technology CRM 400 – 
B to B -  Sales Manual Part A & B ( Refer to Assig # 2 & 3 on topic outline )
   The Presentation and Submission of the Sales Manual 
The Sales Manual must be submitted in a two-pocket folder.• Your name and section must be on the front cover of the folder.• Ensure that everything is supported with facts… don’t invent the information!NOTE :  *MAKE SURE YOU DO RESEARCH FOR THIS PROJECT, AND  USE MLA CITATION TO CITE YOUR WORK. Failing to use MLA citation will result in grade of 0 the consequence of the college policy on plagiarism. 
 NOTE : The Sales Manual must have all Topics and Points listed below covered for full marks.
                            Sales Manual Part A ( Assig # 2) - 15 % of final grade                                                      1. PREPARATION - 3 pages     You are the sales representative for a B to B Company product/service you will be selling for.Choose a company/product that you are genuinely interested in. It makes the whole assignment interesting.
Company name : Microsoft corporation• Company address : One Microsoft Way Redmond, WA 98052-7329 USA• Description of Company ( in detail ): • Product or service you will be selling – Must choose a  B to B product/service: • Explain what makes the company and the product/service B to B ( in detail ):• Needs, Features(3)Advantages(3) and Benefits(3)Proofs. ( Benefits must reflect features of product or service )Create a product profile sheet as shown in class• Provide information about the whole Industry that your product or service is part of.• Provide information specific to the Company you are working for.• Provide information that looks at the company’s policies in regards to:• Price strategy? What do they charge? – Explain. Be specific.• Do they offer any cash/quantity discount? Explain. Be specific. • Transportation charges… who pays, the buyer of the seller? How often do they ship? Are there any options?• What is your company’s method of invoicing?• What type of credit is available from your company? Is it 30 days, 60 days, COD, etc.?
2. PROSPECTING   Methods….Looking for Potential Prospects - 1 page-    
Explain why prospecting is important for you as a sales representative and why you have to be strategic.• How do you prioritize for the best strategic prospecting method • Choose 2 prospecting methods and describe in detail how it would apply to you as a sales representative for the company 


Student's Name
Instructor's Name
Course Title
Sales Manual Part A
Company Name
Surveillance Technology Inc
Company Address
4532 West Kennedy Blvd #497 Tampa, FL 33609
Company Description
Surveillance Technology Inc. provides a full breadth of video surveillance systems along with access control solutions for businesses. Surveillance Technology Inc. creates security systems on any scale, and the company's dedication to the purchaser's satisfaction guarantees you have the best experience from the initial consultation to the installation and the ultimate training and walk-through (Inc., Surveillance, and Surveillance Inc.). Surveillance Technology Inc. offers top-level CCTV security cameras. Additionally, the company dominates in terms of supplying video surveillance along with access control industries. The highest quality equipment in the industry is utilized, and all equipment is tested pre installment to guarantee proper functionality. Surveillance Technology Inc's cameras are scorched in the sun, soaked by the rain, and beaten by winds than most cameras in the unwavering climate; therefore, its products are specially designed to overcome the tropical challenges thrown by nature (Inc., Surveillance, and Surveillance Inc.).
High-quality wireless and wired security cameras varying in color, size, and shape and operate for all security requirements. Whether monitoring outdoors or indoors, security cameras are affirmed weather resistant. Cameras possess the most excellent security quality technology combined with hacking avoidance encryption, making it virtually impossible to hack
Why B2B
The security cameras are designed for usage in retail business and are strictly not for resale. The cameras would be overpriced and incompatible with residential homes and probably too unnecessary and costly for residential homes.



Select security cameras can permeate dark spots and shadows, with subversive “see all” technology.

No wires-the technology does not comprise cables

Can be sited anywhere within the receiver range

Inexpensive, easy installation.

Flexibility-the absence of wires enables the placement of wires in desired locations

Provide superior video and audio output

All security cameras record sound, video and zoom in numerous degrees and frame rates.

Easy accessibility-the signal is capable of infiltrating eight walls including solid objects like glass, metal, and wood

Smaller, inexpensive, user-friendly, and be easily concealed

Industry Information
The security surveillance industry entails the monitoring of activities, behavior along with altering information for purposes of managing, directing, influencing, and protecting individuals. This includes distant observation through electronic equipment, e.g., CCTV cameras (Xiang et al. 455-472). Surveillance is utilized by businesses for crime prevention, intelligence gathering, protection of individuals, processes, or objects and crime investigation. Security surveillance is a growing industry. Technology constitutes significantly in enhancing surveillance and security capabilities by providing technical solutions like access controls, video surveillance, and alarms (Xiang et al. 455-472). The security industry is rapidly augmenting generating roughly $75.6 billion worldwide.
Company Information
Surveillance Technology Inc. offers installation, consulting...

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