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Shopping report (Brandy Melville in Santa Monica & Westwood) (Research Paper Sample)


SHOPPING REPORT (write it as simple and short as possible please, follow the information provided in the resources from the attachment)
During the week, please visit the brand’s brick-and-mortar retail store at least twice at different times of the day. Try to visit different locations of the store. (ignore this)Browse the website of the brand to gain further insight into the product.
Rules (just fake most of them, wing it with your sense)
-Name, address and dates you visited the store.(Brandy Melville in Santa Monica and Westwood,say it middle october)
-Briefly describe the shopping environment in the store and level of customer service.
-Briefly describe the type of customers you observed in the store.
-Briefly describe the in-store displays and windows of the store. What items did they focus on?
-What current fashion trends were featured in the store?
-List all product categories in the store, including women’s, men’s and children’s wear. Include other fashion categories, such as accessories and cosmetics.
-List retail prices for at least 15 items. Please select a good cross-section of all the products in the store.
- Fabrics and Colors
Number and types of fabrics (simple fabrics, novelty fabrics, plains or prints, few fabrics or many different fabrics)
Color assortment (few colors, many colors, basic colors, trendy colors
-Ratios state the following (at least three Ratios): (search in online website store)
Ratio of tops to bottoms
Ratio Apparel to Accessories
Ratio of basic to trend/fashion items
Ratio Full Price to Sale Price
Ration Men’s to Women’s
Ratio Full Price to Sale Price

Images (you can find less than the requirements if theres not a lot cuz I have some)
Please include the following images in your report:
- At least 6 product images.
- At least 4 images of the store and displays.
( you can download images from the internet.)


Student’s Name
Shopping Report (Brandy Melville)
Environmental factors play an important role in influencing the feeling states of shoppers and can help to create positive shopping experiences for clients. Since Brandy Melville mainly attracts young girls, this report offers insights on how the brand has designed its stores to offer the best shopping environment for its customers.
Brandy Melville Santa Monica:
Address: Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade
Date Visited: 16th October 2018.
Shopping Environment
322897559690000The Brandy Melville store at Santa Monica offers a fun and enjoyable shopping experience. To begin with, the store has convenient parking for its shoppers. The store has a large window at the front, which displays their latest arrivals and bestsellers. Inside, the store is well-maintained with clean wooden floors and warm fairy lighting that give the entire store a relaxing and comfortable mood. The store has enough walking space all around, which is very convenient, especially on a busy day. 

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