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The Minimum Legal Drinking Ages (MLDA) (Research Paper Sample)


The paper is based on my two homework and the prompt will attach in a pdf. I will also give you two examples that written by other students as your references which could help you a lot. The paper doesn't require outside resources but a full analysis base using the numbers on my homework. I will attach our homework requirements also so that you know what the professor has been asking in the first place. Please insert the graphs for an appendix at the end, or you can put in the middle while you are analyzing. Thank you very much!


Changes made from Draft 1
* I have corrected all the issues stated by the TA.
* Delete all the irrelevant and incorrect sentences.
* Rephrase all the confusing statements.
1 0.086 percent point to 8.6% point
2 I changed a few inappropriate words to more proper word.
3 Emphasis the effect of the RD regression in the end.
1 Introduce and describe more specifically of MLDA.
2 I changed the details of how to interpret the estimate to more general idea
3 Interpret the IV estimate
Data: Add description of both NHIS AND NHCS data set.
1 Apply the IV estimator method.
2 Be clear with the groups
3 State which one is general and which one is threshold
4 Interpret and explain all the variables and coefficients
1 Explain what is centered.
2 To be clear at which one is general and which one is threshold
3 Explain why added birthday variable.
1 Delete all the incorrect assumption.
2 Change risk to effect.
Does the Minimum Legal Drinking Age (MLDA) reduce alcoholic consumption and mortality rates?
The Minimum legal drinking ages (MLDA) policy restrictsaccess, and possession of alcohol o the 21 age limit. Increase in alcohol consumption is associated with higher motor vehicle accident rates, but the results showed that efforts to address dangerous drinking are potentially effective in reducing drinking rates and car accidents. To address the assess the impact of MLDA, we implement a quasi-experimental method to analyze the data by using regression discontinuity (RD).Overall, there was an increase in the drinking rates and mortalityat age 21, but the MLDA first reduced the proportion of people who drink by 8.6 percent point and mortality rates are reduced by 8 out of 100,000 people.
1. Introduction
The 21-year old Minimum legal drinking age (MLDA) targets the purchase and public alcohol consumption in the US. Changes to adopt MLDA have pushed the legal drinking age from 18 to 21 and have been an effective prevention strategy to reduce underage drinking in some circumstances. MLDA is a legislative measure proposed to reduce road fatalities and underage drinking. Data on total mortality rates and data on deaths from drinking was collected for the analysis.
As the MLDA is 21 years, comparing the alcohol consumption rate for 19 to 21 age and 21-23 age groups helps to determine the changes in drinking rate. The linear, quadratic and cubic order polynomials were used in the first regression to assess the drinking rate for those aged 19 to 21 and 21 to 23.In estimating how the Minimum Legal Drinking Age (MLDA) reduces the proportion of the population that drinks, the third order polynomial was chosen as gives as it gives a clearer and smoother graph by adding cubic terms. Subsequent analysis showed that MLDA reduce the proportion of people who drink by 8.6 percent.
There are mutually exclusive categories associated with death like alcohol, homicide, suicide, MVA, and drugs, and analysis provides insights on what is directly related to alcohol-induced deaths. Adopting the MLDA may reduce alcohol consumption for those between 18 and 21 years, or shift the timing of deaths. Since the consumption of alcohol at or above the MLDA will be met with imperfect compliance, a simple regression equation wouldn’t give us the best estimate of drinking on mortality rates because of the substantial amount of omitted variable bias. If the consumption of alcohol is reduced, the effect of the other variables will be reduced, and the MLDA will reduce deat...

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