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Marketing Plan Business & Marketing Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


write a marketing plan for a new BURGERFI Restaurant franchise operation to be built in the future, at a location of your choice within the United States. Your project should contain the following sections, in the following order.
1. Introduction (15 points, 2 pages)
Include a description of the franchisor (BURGERFI) and what it does. Use your own words here; paraphrase and summarize. Also include the company mission statement, the location of your chosen site (including the address and documentation that the property is available), and the reason for choosing this location. Finally, provide an introduction to the rest of your paper by providing a brief overview of what you will discuss.
2. Market Analysis (35 points, 3 pages)
a. Target Markets. Describe your target markets (at least three). Identify each target market as geographic, demographic, or psychographic. Use information from the franchisor, but also consider new targets for your business. Support your descriptions with research about the markets. (25 points)
b. Positioning Statement. Describe the position of your product in the minds of your target markets. In other words, what will your customers and potential customers think of when they think of your operation? How is this different from the competition? (10 points)
3. Environmental Analysis (45 points, 4 pages)
a. Analysis of competition. Who are your three or four primary competitors? Where is each located? Focus on the competitors of your specific unit in your specific location (not those of the parent company). How will they affect your new business? (20 points)
b. Describe all of the other external environmental factors that will affect your business. Identify, research, and explain the types of factors and how they will affect your business and/or your target markets that you identified in Section 2. Identify each factor as a threat or an opportunity. (Do not do competition here. Cover this separately in Section 3a.) (25 points)
4. Works cited/Grammar/Spelling/Format (5 points):
Use the MLA method, making sure to cite your sources throughout your paper. Significant deductions will be made for grammatical errors.


Student’s Name
Professor’s Name
BurgerFi Marketing Plan
1 Introduction
1 Description of the franchisor
BurgerFi is a new American fast food restaurant which has recently entered into the better burger competition. BurgerFi is the abbreviation for Burgerfication of the Nation. The fast-food chain opened its first franchise in the year 2011 in Florida only to expand to 106 more locations in a short span of time. BurgerFi offers modern cafe ambiance to its visitors where they can dine-in and relax. It was promoted as an all-natural roadside burger café with classic taste and high-quality ingredients. The menu includes burgers, sandwiches, French fries, drinks and desserts along with plant-based burgers and veggie burgers (Franchise Chatter 2016). The company claims using 100% natural ingredients and no preservatives and ended up receiving customer endorsement. BurgerFi expanded its business across borders with its first international franchise in Kuwait in 2016.
Klein (2019) stated that the fast-food company is known for its environmentally sustainable practices using eco-friendly and recycled material for restaurant equipment including furniture to packaging. The transparency of its processes and ingredients provide an edge to the business. Everything in the restaurant is prepared from scratch since there is no freezer and use of all organic food is ensured. BurgerFi uses top meat and other ingredients produced in America for its menu. BurgerFi is referred to as the fastest-growing fast-food chain of America due to its unique features.

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