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Country Report: The History and Tourism of Australia (Research Paper Sample)


This order is related to assignment 1, which is attached to this order. So the country I will be working on should be Australia. All other requirements for this paper is attached as well. Thanks.

Assignment: Assignment # 4 – Country Report Due Date: Nov 28, 2016, 11:59 PM Grading: Point total: 100 pts Submission Guidelines:  If presented in a classroom presentation as a team, the submission may be in a format suitable for an audience. The delivery may be of the team’s design. However, a “hard” document covering all the parts of the assignment must be presented to the instructor in addition to the classroom delivery. - Up to six (6) teams - 15 minute presentation - Multi-media presentation - PowerPoint presentation - Handouts - Team panel discussion - Q&A  If submitted as an individual case study (on line courses), use the sample submission format provided to you in the Assignments/Case Studies menu option in Blackboard. The sample format must be used for this case study submission. - E-mail to instructor or as Rich Text Format [.rtf] or MS Word document attachment. Do not submit Adobe .pdf formats. - Turn in submission at scheduled time (per Blackboard and Course Calendar). - Your submission must be in your own words, except when citing other’s works/sources. - Written / submitted report (minimum 10 pages, not including cover or references). - The last page should contain references / citations of sources used in your work.  Interview/conversation with subject matter experts (SME’s)  Internet, web site source material  Periodicals / publications Country Selection: Selection will be completed by previous assignment #1 NLT Feb 8, 2016. Each student is required to select a country to study (students are not permitted to select their home country). Examples: • Students studying the USA who are from China may not select China, • Students born in the USA and living in the USA are not permitted to select the USA. In order to learn about the country, it resources, culture, economics, regulations, etc and develop an understanding of how these attributes impact how individuals and companies do business in that country


As one of the Oceania countries, Australia is located to the south of the Asian continent. Specifically, the country is located between the Indian Ocean and the south Pacific Ocean. It is a continent that covers an estimated 7, 682,300 square kilometers of land and further has more than 58,920 square kilometers of water. This means that it has a total of 7,741,220 square kilometers of land and water surface. As such, it is the sixth largest continent by mass. The nation was founded in the year 1918 however it was as a district. This after it had gained independence from the British colonizers. It is important to mention that before the British settlers in the 18th century, Australia was inhabited indigenous people (Australian Explorer,). However, most of them died over the period that lasted more than 150 years after the settlers came to occupy. Most of the deaths were associated with infectious diseases and conflict that ensued between them and the settlers as they resisted the latter. Their demise not related, these were a people that were rich in culture, religious values and much of the social economic values revolved around hunting and gathering. Much of the literature available refers to then as the aboriginals. While there are still issues that have plagued the nation over the elements of human rights with reference to the way that the aboriginals were treated and are currently treated within the social quarters, there are some deep cultural connections on the island and impact all areas of the people lives on a daily basis. As such, this is a country that is rich in culture and the historical significances of the aboriginals play a crucial role in shaping the country to what it is today (Australian Explorer,). Since then, the country has grown in leaps to becomes one of the most developed nations on the planet. It boasts of some of the best ranked education system, health care system, civil liberties, quality of life, political rights and even economic freedom (Factslides). As one of the developed nations in the world, Australia is a combination of a couple of islands and the main land. Besides the Australian mainland, it also includes Tasmania Island along with many other smaller islands that are on the Pacific Ocean. Australia is separated from Asia by Arafura and Timor seas, while Tasman sea puts a separation between it and New Zealand. Papua New Guinea, East Timor and Indonesia are the neighboring countries to the north, while to the north east are Solomon Islands and Vanuatu and New Zealand to the south east. Australia is sometimes referred to as an island country, relative to the fact that it has no land boundaries. At the same time, due to its size, it is also referred to as island continent due to its size when compared to other islands; this further relates to the phrase, the smallest continent in the world, when it compared in size to the other continents. With reference to longitudes and latitudes, the island is located between 27 00’ south in latitude and 133 00’ east in longitude (Australian Explorer,). With the capital city at Canberra, Australia is one of the most visited countries in the world, relative to the fact that it plays host to some of the most fascinating tourists attraction sites and features in the world. The capital city also acts as the main political center of the island and is sometimes considered to be a constitutional monarchy as the ceremonial home of the head of state in Australia. Elevated at 571 meters above the sea level, Australia is home to more than 24 million people most of whom use English as the national language.
Governance in Australia can best be understood from the perspective of the colonization era ("The History Of Australia - Tourism Austra...
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