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Network, Build Contacts, Enhance Your Overall Professional Development (Research Paper Sample)


This is the final project for glob. Two parts in total, please follow the attachments. Thanks


Student's Name:
Network, Build Contacts, Enhance Your Overall Professional Development
1 Informational interview
Networking is an important activity in businesses as good networks help improve performance in businesses. Building good contacts and good reputation in businesses is also a milestone to advance one's professional career (Ashraf 142). Good contacts and reputation help people relate well and work well towards the business performing well. I conducted the interview below to learn more about networking and building of networks to improve professional performance my friend who graduated five years ago, and he is currently self-employed. The reason as to why I interviewed him is that I wish to start a company and employ people, which made me prefer my close friend I give me a business insight. The business owner stocks technological devices, which include computers and mobile phones in most of his shops.
I learned several aspects of leadership skills from the interview. One of the things is that as a leader, you need to be an exemplary example for the subordinates in the firm. Good leaders are people who are a symbol of unity and need to be trustworthy (Hakanen et al. 50). Leaders need to create an environment that promotes a good working environment. The working environment where my friend works are good and admirable as most of his workers affirm. They praise him to be a charismatic and a friendly person in carrying out business operations.
The overall experience of conducting the informational interview was knowledgeable. I learned a lot about business administration, networking and the importance of keeping good contacts with the business and other external factors. The interview will also help me significantly, as I undertake my future career because I learned quite a lot about entrepreneurship. A good reputation is important for businesses (Hunt-Barron et al. 10). The reason as to why the good reputation is important is that a good reputation attracts customers to the business. The interview encouraged me to continue with my career plans.
In conclusion, the interview was quite important as I learned signi

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