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Behavioral Research Reflection: Person's Habits (Research Paper Sample)


Students have the option of participating in the Behavioral Research Lab (B-Lab) survey (Option 1) or an alternative assignment (Option 2). For either option you will write a reflection paper.


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Behavioral Research Reflection
How have businesses used behavioral research studies? Behavioral research is the study of variables that affect the formation of a person's habits. For businesses, it is important to know a little about the nature, lifestyle, and habits of their clients.  Without this information, they won't be able to provide their customers with desired services and products. In recent years, various companies and brands have used behavioral research studies to have the insights of their potential customers and target markets. For instance, experts working in the departments of health at governmental and private level across the United States tend to know how to gain data about their customers and provide them with the needful. Similarly, at different corporations across the state, market research departments with a generous budget have taken notice of this line of inquiry (Peeke 2012).
Why do you think people choose or decline to participate in behavioral research studies? Most often, people decline to participate in behavioral research studies because they believe that their data is shared with third parties, without their knowledge, and this can cause serious problems for them. While conducting such a research, it is import

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