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Biological & Biomedical Sciences
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Stem Cell Biological & Biomedical Sciences Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Persuasive Letter Outline
I. Introduction (Paragraph 1)
A. Use a hook to grab the readers’ attention or give a definition of your topic
B. Introduce the issue. Why is it important to you?
C. Thesis statement (the position you have taken and your three reasons)
II. Body (Paragraph 2)
A. TS - Introduce general reason for position
B. CD: Reason 1 supporting your thesis
C. CD - Evidence for reason 1 (examples, facts, statistics, quoted authorities, details, or reasons)
D. CM - Commentary or your thinking about the evidence
E. CS - Concluding sentence (why does this reason matter to the thesis?)III. Body (Paragraph 3)

III. Body (Paragraph 3)
A. TS - Opposing view
B. CD - Counterargument
C. CD - Reason 2 supporting your thesis
D. CD - Evidence for reason 2 (example, fact, quote)
E. CM - Commentary about the evidence
F. CS - Concluding sentence
IV. Conclusion (Paragraph 4)
A. Restate thesis in a fresh way
B. Summary of main points (two reasons)
C. Personal comment or a call to action - why is your position the only logical choice?


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Stem Cell
Ever wondered how different the world would be if cell therapy was possible? Cell therapy means that at some point in the future, the world will be able to replace or even rejuvenate damaged tissue. Well, with stem cell research at advanced stages currently, the above might just become reality. Stem cell research is not a new phenomenon. However, it is among the most controversial developments in medicine, and the road is not yet clear and defined. Stem cells do not have a defined purpose in the human body. But, when needed by the body, they can replicate other body cells as the body appears in need. So, their role in the body is quite crucial. These cells originate from embryos and body tissues. Currently, scientists are in advanced stages of research as they seek to find ways they can develop or manufacture stem cells through genetic reprogramming. To some people, scientists are trying to play God and hence their opposition to stem cell research. However, the benefits of stem cell research appear to outweigh its disadvantages. This article thus seeks to showcase how stem cell research will possibly lead to cell-based therapy, become an asset in drug discovery, and also enhance knowledge and literature in the field of medicine.
Advancement in the field of medicine is good for the world. However, as it has been the case for all advancements before stem cell research, resentment and resistance are slowing down the pace in which the world ought to be moving. Advancement of stem cell research is good for the field of medicine mainly because it will help make cell therapy possible, and in doing so advance knowledge in the area as well. “Embryonic stem cells could be used to make more specialized tissues that have been lost to disease and injury” (Nature Reports Stem Cells). The implication of the above would be that the world will be able to treat diseases like Parkinson’s, birth deficiencies, spinal cord injuries, hearing and vision loss, among others. As explained by the California Stem Cell Agency, cell therapy will make it possible to “replace virtually any tissue or organ that is injured or diseased.” What th

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