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Theatre And Arena: A Live Performing Venue (Research Paper Sample)


Write a research paper, on a topic chosen from the list below, that is 5-7 pages, double-spaced, 11pt font. The 5-7 pages do not include a cover page, which you may or may not include, your choice. You must also include an annotated bibliography. The annotated bibliography should include at least three physical books from one of the UB campus libraries, an Erie County libraries, or your own library.
You may include more than three. In addition, the annotated bibliography should also include two additional references from reputable sources. These could be from an online publication or print media: NYTimes, NPR, Art in America, Live Design International, etc. Print media could also include video. If you are questioning whether or not a source is reputable, please feel free to run it past me prior to the 48-hour window (see below). This totals to a minimum of five sources: three books, two others.
Choose one topic from the following list:

  • Production Organization & Management
  • A more in-depth look at the management system of Live Event. Who is on the Management team? And how do they interact with other areas in production?
  • The Design Process
  • Choose one area to focus on: Lighting, Scenery, Costumes, Makeup/Hair, Props, Sound, Projection. What is their design process?
  • Types of Live Event Venues
  • Compare and Contrast at least two different styles of venues: Theatre, Found Spaces, Arenas, Clubs, etc.
  • Touring Production
  • How is preparing for a touring production different from that in a static venue? Are there differences in the production personnel? Similarities?
  • Greener Production Practices
  • How are personnel in the live event realm striving toward more sustainable production practices? This could include a comparison between practices in theatre vs. touring production, or it could focus on one area.
  • Things to include, or not include, when writing:
  • Be sure to identify which topic you have chosen in the opening paragraph to your paper.
  • Be specific in your research findings.
  • If you are specifically citing a phrase from one of your sources, please cite appropriately.
  • No paraphrasing. Create writing that is your own
  • You may ask any questions during the process, either in person or via email, up to 48 hours before the due date/time. I will not answer any. questions during this final 48 period.
  • This Research Paper will be the basis for your 5-6 Oral Presentation, in class on 27 March.
  • Details to follow.

Theatre and Arena
Annotated Bibliography
Cavazza, Marc and Fred Charles. "User Interaction for Interactive Storytelling." Handbook of Digital Games and Entertainment Technologies. 2017. 415-428.
This chapter provides some paradigms of interaction making use of illustrations produced from fully administered interactive storytelling systems. Also, it proposes a factual and verifiable classification of interaction modes established from the nature of user involvement. This chapter provides a context for the necessity for multimodal interaction with a story and also emphasize on the user's intervention influence on story generation dynamics. Importantly, the essentials of effective interaction during interactive storytelling processes have also been demonstrated by traditional multimodal interaction. The authors have also discussed the capability of Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI) in helping and supporting interactive storytelling.
Frost, Anthony and Ralph Yarrow. "Improvisation in Non-Western Performance." Improvisation in Drama, Theatre and Performance. 2016. 124-141.
The authors explain improvisation as a tool that contains many things which include therapeutic interaction, rehearsal practice, and training. This chapter provides the importance of improvisation in different areas such as the ways of performing and cultures. Also, the chapter provides essential comprehension and understanding of what, why and how performance is conducted. The authors explain the origin of improvisation and its implication in performance training. Importantly, the authors have explained the rapid changes happening in theatre and performance training.
Galea, E. R., S. J. Deere, C. G. Hopkin and H. Xie. "Evacuation response behavior of occupants in a large theatre during a live performance." Fire and Materials, 41.5 (2017): 467-492.
This paper provides the outcomes of unannounced theatre evacuation which involved one thousand and two hundred occupants. This happened in a performance which performed in Marlowe theatre. The authors explain the response behavior and the response time. This work used a log-normal distribution which is associated with the occupants' geometrical location. The findings indicated that response time increased with ian ncrease in seat distance from the exit. The authors have used the findings of this study to propose a methodology which should be used when distributing response time in a theatre to help in evacuation simulation applications.
Amer, Matthew. "Types of theatre glossary: Beginner's guide." 2017. Theatre.London. 27 March 2018. .
This article explains different types of theatres. The author explains an amphitheater as one of the oldest types of theatre. Amer explains an amphitheater as outdoor venue consisting of tiered seating which slopes up from the stage. Another type is in-the-round theater; the author explains the audience site on all the sides and actors are required to engage the audience in all the angles. It is best suited for plays. Other theaters include the opera house which specializes in opera. Playhouse, pop-up theater, and thrust.
Chaillet, Ned, Tracy C. Davis and Tyrone Guthrie. "Theatre | art." 2017. 27 March 2018. .
This article examines and explains theatre and performance in details. The authors aim to examine why the art of theatre has been considered as an important human activity throughout the history. Authors explain that it is difficult to attain a good performance of a helmet and a poor one always results in undesirable outcomes and is less rewarding. The paper describes theories which explain the origin and development of theater. Importantly, the article explains the role played by the audience in a theatre and the impacts o...

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