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Research Paper. PROJECT 4: DIGI 130 | Digital Communications. Persona (Research Paper Sample)


PROJECT 4: Digital Persona 


A contemporary creative professional is expected to have a digital persona as a component of how they promote themselves online. A digital persona performs best when you understand the ideal communities to participate in. For every creative field, a portfolio website and a social media presence are paramount. These platforms, amongst others, are important places for students to share their portfolio work, explain their creative process, and contribute to their community.  For this project you will thoroughly examine your field to discover the various places you can engage with to support your creative goals. You will additionally create a portfolio website using an online website builder such as WIX or Squarespace that is suitable for professionally promoting your work. Your website should represent you as a creative professional and should feature your best work and utilize your professional identity consistently.  This project consists of three parts: 1.) Research Paper 2.) Presentation 3.) Portfolio Website The requirements for each component are listed below. 1.) Research Paper Requirements: • 4-5 pages typed, double spaced, MLA format, bibliography (and image references if you need them to support your writing) • General Topic: Digital Persona and Online Presence for artists in your field • Must include and investigation of at least two artists within your field of study • Answer: How did these artists (and this research) contribute to your own choices for your personal online presence and digital persona for yourself and your work? How did it influence your website design and/or social media presence?     DIGI 130 | Digital Communications  Digital Persona  _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______  2.) Presentation Requirements: • No longer than 5 minutes! I will stop presentations at 5 minute mark! • Slideshow presentation that briefly touches on the key points of your research, the artists you included in that research, and quick glimpse of their online presence (similar to artist presentations, but link this research directly to your choices when constructing your website) • Showcase your website and take us through your own choices and decisions in regards to the style, design, user experience, branding choices, etc. • Students should be able to speak clearly and confidently and maintain a high level of professionalism when presenting to the class   3.) Portfolio Website Requirements: • Be easy-to-navigate with a clean and functional layout.  • Use cohesive design elements such as color scheme, fonts, layout and should be graphically related to your identity.  • Have focus; select your best work (recommended about six pieces) and be sure you have high quality image(s), videos or recordings of the work.  • Contain at a minimum the following pages:  a. Home Page or Work/Portfolio Page. This should be an engaging Introduction to your site (think portfolio work, a reel of work, a photo of yourself with a favorite quote, etc.)  b. About Page. Consider how you want to introduce yourself and how you want to tell your story (here and throughout the site). Your About Page should include a brief biography, a professional photo or illustration, sample contact information and a link to your resume (you can use your resume from identity).  c. Work/Portfolio Page. (If your Home Page doesn’t take the user directly to your work.)  d. Individual Portfolio Work Pages. Be sure to include a short description about each piece; tell your audience a story about your work to engage with them.  e. Consider your audience in its design and functionality.  DIGI 130 | Digital Communications  Digital Persona  _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______  Files to Deliver: 1.) Research Paper – Blackboard (.docx or .pdf format!) 2.) Presentation File – Blackboard (.pptx format!) 3.) Website URL and (4) Screenshots – Blackboard (.pdf packet of images + url link in the document) File Naming Convention:  • Research paper – “Firstname_Lastname_Projecttitle.docx or .pdf • Presentation – “Firstname_Lastname_Projecttitle.pptx • Website screenshots and URL – “Firstname_Lastname_Projecttitle.pdf” ***HOWEVER, as a side note, you will also need to submit ALL FINAL FILES for ALL PROJECTS from the entire quarter into Dropbox by the end of Class 20! This is for SCAD records! So be prepared to submit EVERYTHING from this quarter to Dropbox as well! Dropbox folders should be organized to include the following: • Prequarter assignment • Project 1 final file • Project 2 final file(s) • Project 3 – final video file  • (Project 3 – group submission folder should be present for the ones who submitted it) • Final (a.k.a. Project 4 files)  IMPORTANT DATES AND CHECKPOINTS FOR PROJECT 4:   • Checkpoint 1 – Working Bibliography: due Class 10 DONE  • Checkpoint 2 – Expanded Research: due Class 14 DONE  • Checkpoint 3 – Peer and Professor Writing Review: due class 18 – BRING A PRINTED COPY of your research paper and bibliography to class for peer review and final proofreading/editing.   DIGI 130 | Digital Communications  Digital Persona  _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______ • Checkpoint 4 – WIP Critique: Class 19. Quickly show your PUBLISHED WEBSITE URL for WIP critique and gain feedback from your peers before the final is due.   


Research Paper
A digital persona is critical for every creative professional. Ordinarily, the digital persona acts as one’s binary avatar to the world; there is a need to recognize that it also has an individual identity that is extended to online platforms. It is keynoting that the development of a digital persona in this internet age is essential since it helps in establishing a strong impact on a person’s identity. Often, digital persona involves personal, social, institutional, legal as well as technological aspects, and it enables artists to either create positive or negative thoughts and perceptions to the world regarding their brand.

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