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Monty Python Comedy Troupe And Pushing Boundaries In Film (Research Paper Sample)


Select one legendary and influential filmmaker or team of filmmakers (not Hitchcock) who was/were instrumental in pushing the envelope in film. Describe his or her techniques and unique contributions to the film industry. For instance, you could examine Monty Python’s contribution to parody and satire.
write a research paper, it must adhere to the following guidelines. All papers must:
• be written exclusively in the third-person voice, double-spaced, 12-point font, and be five pages minimum.
• employ no less than five sources, which will include films, as well as articles, textbooks, reference works, etc.
• have an interesting title that captures the reader’s attention
• avoid all plot summaries (do not describe the film’s storyline)
• use film terminology
• document all research with in-text citations and a works cited page in MLA format


Monty Python comedy troupe and pushing boundaries in film
Monty Python, the British comedic troupe composed of six comedians took a humorous view of the peculiarities of the British peculiarities in the 1960s and 1970s. The stream of consciousness narration just like internal monologue focuses on inner thoughts and the minds of the characters. Focus on the characters’ precise thinking allowed the comedy group to push boundaries by highlighting the inner thoughts, without necessarily conforming to societal expectations. Monty Python exercised control of the material in their comedy show and in some of their films, which allowed them to experiment. The comedy sketch, The Flying Circus first aired in 1969 allowed them to bring a new style of comedy that satirizes and parodied people by focusing on surrealism, absurdity and the subversive.
The Pythons’ eccentric and unconventional style combined satire, absurdity, and slapstick including mocking the superhero genre. Satire allows the viewers to look deeply into different situations pay attention to the problems. This contrasts with humor that ridicules people, reinforcing the view that there are people who deserve to be ridiculed, and the Pythons were successful in using satire to draw the audience attention to different issues and their understanding of the past in modern times. The group challenged the conventional British comedy system and showed the anti- establishment spirit while using forms and content that were largely absent in the comedic scene (Cogan and Massey 144).
Monty Python tore down what was considered comedy by subversive narratives of what people expected and mock both the characters and the films. For instance, in the Holy Grail, Monty Python deconstruct the narrative on heroic characters and the story of King Arthur. Spoofs of medieval England and the knights of King Arthur focused on aspects of the middle Ages as the basis for satire in the Holy Grail (Finke and Aronstein 303). Dismantling and mocking the meta-narratives in comedy allowed the group to be goofy and make fun of different characters and stories that people were used to. Casting doubt on such narratives was also useful to explore alternative explanations of the heroic stories and myths. Prior to this comedy was partly associated with socially awkward situations and physical comedy.
Pythonesque is associated absurdist or surrealist humor and the fiction comedians ‘offended’ everyone by subverting the audience expectations including their focus on religion and religious figures. Monty Python were known for absurd humor, which was popularized worldwide and the comedy sketches offended highlighted the interruption of logic. Despite the Monty Python having schooled in the posh Oxford and Cambridge universities, their sketches, parodies and satire were anti-establishment (Brock 52). The satirized serious events and were indifferent to the norms of good taste and with the will to attack anything, from the royalty, fashion and the lives of the lower class people. Disregard for the usual form was common throughout their sketches, as they had freedom to explore different subjects.
The Pythons’ subversive humor and rule-breaking comedy inspired American shows that have focused on political satire. For instance, the first editions of the Saturday Night Live attracted fans who were keen on recitations, satire and surrealistic comedy, and such shows also bring diverse guests (Cogan and Massey 137). Other shows like The Daily Show also address political satire, but they also focus more on the controversial messages that tend to be memorable and persuasive. Artistic expression allows comedians to make use of light of people, events and people&rsquo...

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