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Hip-Hop In China Music Research Report Assignment (Research Paper Sample)


research periods of Hip Hop in China from 2000 to present day, researching the exponential rise in Hip-hop's popularity and trying to tie it in with shifting cultural identities within China's new young demographics.
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Hip Hop in China, Music Report
The origin of hip-hop culture was South Bronx, New York. Kool DJ Herc of Jamaican origin introduced the music in 1973 to the industry as rap music with a blend of sounds and movements during a party dance. Kool DJ was able to create break dance movements from the recorded sounds with skills that moved in unison. Hip-hop culture continues to transform different sectors, especially the music industry (Fung 69). The American culture finds its tremendous growth for the past three decades at the global level. China is a Confucius nation with strict socioeconomic and cultural restrictions. However, the current trend of commercialization on the worldwide level enables the current demographic population, especially the young to accommodate the different hip hop trend. Thus, aspects of traditions and sociocultural restrictions, as well as preservations, become subject to change (Fung 69). The young generation in China currently adopts the hip-hop culture due to changes in the socioeconomic trends due to choice and personality differences. Hip-hop culture dramatically influences social organizations to conform to the current context of the young generation. Thus, it significantly affects young musicians, fashion artists as well as the growth of different products that go in line with the preferences of the young consumers within the market. The present research henceforth elaborates on the periods of hip-hop in China from 2000 to present date and the exponential rise within the context of shifting cultural identities of young demographics.
The Rise of Hip Hop in China since 2000
Before addressing the quick rise of hip-hop culture in China, it is essential to comprehend the origin of hip-hop culture in the nation before the last decade. The rise of the global economy, and open markets result in the social problem of commercialization. Besides, the world exhibits tremendous economic growth that causes tension between modernity and the commonly held traditions from different parts of the world. China and its cultural values Confucius tradition and many of the Chinese find possible solutions to various social problems in their precious tradition (Liu 146). The Confucius tradition in China has a long history and aims at preserving the sociocultural aspect of the Chinese people that differ significantly in the western cultures. However, the government of China launched a socioeconomic reform through the four modernizations of 1978 that marked the beginning of Chinese people to experience the aspect of globalization (Liu 146).
The young generation started experiencing different cultures, especially the hip-hop via direct and indirect contacts with the western societies from the USA, Japan, and North Korea. Currently, technological advancement contributes a lot to the spread of hip-hop culture among Chinese youths. The current generations are fond of the internet that offers easy and fast access to hip-hop culture in various manifestations. Currently, hip-hop in China is fascinating in the arts, fashion and music industries. The young population of the nation appreciates much of hip-hop music styles, dancing styles and fashion, especially on attires, necklaces, metal chains and the nightclubs. Besides, some institutions, especially at the university levels, offer hip hop classes to the young generation (Liu 146).
The abrupt rise of hip-hop culture from 2000 is dependent on the modernity, urbanization, bureaucratization, universal education system, mass communication, fast communication, and democratization. Such ideas currently exist in the current Chinese contemporary society which influences cultural identity, especially of the young generation. However, the existence of the past ag...

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