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Flesh and the Devil: Film Analysis (Research Paper Sample)


Movie Analysis - Movie Name :Flesh and the Devil (1926,)director:Clarence Brown.


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Flesh and the Devil: Analysis
Clarence Leon Brown was born on May 10, 1890, in Clinton, Massachusetts. At the age of 11 years, Brown moved to Tennessee. Here, he attended Knoxville High School and later the University of Tennessee where he graduated with a degree in mechanical and electrical engineering in 1910 (Little). He briefly worked with Stevens-Duryea Company, then later founded Brown Motor Car Company. After observing French director Maurice Tourneur making a film, Brown gained interest in the motion picture in 1913. Brown was hired by Peerless Studio where he worked with Tourneur as the assistant director (Little). After serving in World War I, Brown co-directed with Tourneur two films in 1920; The Great Redeemer and The Last of the Mohicans. In 1924, Brown moved to Universal then later to MGM where he stayed until the mid-1950s. Out of the 38 Academy Award nominations, he earned nine Oscars. Brown died on August 17, 1987, at the age of 97 due to kidney failure.
Flesh and the Devil (1926) is a melodrama revolving around two childhood friends; Leo and Ulrich. Leo is obsessed with Felicitas, the wife of a count. He proceeds to kills the count in the duel and the military punishes him by sending him to Africa for five years. Before leaving, Leo asks Ulrich to take care of Felicitas until he returns. Ulrich is unaware that Leo is in love with Felicitas hence falls in love with her and then gets married to her. Ulrich intervenes hence Leo serves only three years. On returning, Leo finds himself torn between his love for Felicitas and his friendship with Ulrich. However, Leo loses control of his emotions which causes a duel with Ulrich. As Felicitas races to stop the duel, she falls in a layer of ice and drowns. The two friends reconcile and realize that their friendship is more important than Felicitas.
Michael Williams’ The Undying Past: Flesh and the Devil (1926) analyzes the film more extensively. In the article, Williams demonstrates the tension that has occurs between Leo and Ulrich as a result of the arrival of Felicitas. The author demonstrates that Ulrich married Felicitas in an attempt to protect her, not knowing that this will lead to a duel with his friend Leo. Williams acknowledges that while love triangle was a mainstay in 1920s melodrama, Flesh and the Devil is unusual. The author uses the phrase “a compelling motif of masculine friendship” to describe the relationship between the three main characters (Williams 145). Further, the author demonstrates that the film balances between intimate homosociality and camaraderie of war are remarkable. The blending of the two enables the audience to identify with the film.
Williams is right that the film has been customized to the relevant audience. The manner in which the film portrays the three leading characters is effective for 1926 audiences. For instance, given that the events of World War I were fresh in the minds of the audience, the use of characters who serve in the mili

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