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FINAL PROJECT Visual & Performing Arts Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


The film selected is Snowpiercer. One of the theories need to use is Representational analysis (social class).
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Final Project: Students will be required to write a 5-6 research paper and create a 10-15 minute presentation based on the same material. This culmination assignment will ask you to research and analyze an artwork, or small group of artworks (film, television show, play, videogame, music, drawing, painting, photograph, sculpture, or installation), from a multi-perspectival approach, utilizing at least FOUR of the following theories: ● Formalism ● Rhetoric ● Semiotics ● Ideology ● Psychology ● Postmodern ● Representational analysis (*CHOOSE ONE: gender, sexuality, race, social class, etc.) ● Feminism ● The Gaze ● Queer theory ● Globalism ● Postcolonial Theory PAPER DIRECTIONS ● SELECT your artwork. You CANNOT choose any artwork you have previously analyzed in other assignments (artifact presentation and essays), nor any artwork analyzed in class. Your choice is subject to approval, but otherwise unlimited in scope. ● CHOOSE the four theoretical approaches that best fit an analysis of your artwork. ● RESEARCH your chosen artwork. You are required to use FOUR sources, two of which must be PRINT (book or eBook). Other sources can be in the form of online, peer-reviewed journals (found through EBSCOhost or JSTOR), the popular press (e.g. Los Angeles Times), or established websites (e.g.,, Huffington Post, Criterion Collection). The article from the popular press might be a film review or an interview with someone who worked on the art work. Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Britannica, and other websites like it are NOT an acceptable sources. ○ To log into the EBSCO databases, go here: (Username: nyfastudentla, Password: Kubrick28!) Select all the databases they offer, then begin your search - film title, year, and director’s last name should bring up plenty of results. Look for “Full Text” or “PDF” included. You can either download or email the articles to yourself. ○ To log into the JSTOR databases, go here: (Log in via your NYFA hub account) ● USE AN ORIGINAL ARGUMENT (or thesis statement) to organize your essay and guide which evidence (research) you include in the paper. For full credit, your thesis should combine all four of your chosen theories. ● INCLUDE SPECIFIC ANALYSIS of the artwork. If it is a time-based audio-visual or audio medium (film/tv, videogame, play, soundscape, music), describe and analyze at least three short scenes/excerpts. If it is a non-time based visual medium (drawings, paintings, photographs, sculptures, installations), describe and analyze at least three major elements relevant to the form. ● CITE your sources in MLA format for both paper and presentation. See this website link for detailed instructions on citation.


Snowpiercer: A Classist Look at the Social Burden of Genders
Snowpiercer, a film directed by Bong Joon Ho of the award-winning Korean film Parasite, strongly depicts a social class struggle among people. It sets the world's social structure on a smaller scale by using a train with each carriage as a symbol of social status; the front being the upper class and the tail as the lowest class. This film has garnered different reviews and opinions because of its theme and target issue which is social class struggle. In talks of social status and class struggle, there are underlying issues that add up to the hardships of those at the bottom.
In this paper, we will look at the movie through four overlapping lenses: representational analysis which focuses on social class, feminism, classist ideologies, and semiotics. This paper would anchor on these theories to talk about social class issues in a feministic approach.

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