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Design Appreciation: The Drop-of-Water-Shaped Dymaxion Car (Research Paper Sample)


Hello, I'll be attaching all the instructions. Please answer each question concisely, and only 1 paragraph for question. I'll be providing all the images that needs to be used with the corsponding paragraph.

INTD 20: Design Appreciation
Instructor: Nancy LeRoy
Fall 2016
Writing Assignment
1 3067050517525-295275527050What was the ‘unity of art and technology’ in Moholy –Nagy’s acrylic sculptured?
Moholy – Nagy developed the Light Prop for an electric stage together with Istvan Seboek. The light prop was a big kinetic sculpture developed for the theater, consisting of light, color, and movement (MacCarthy). The device had moving parts that created moving shadows and light reflections on nearby surface whenever light were projected through it. This use of art and technology to create beautiful patterns supported his position.
2 619125504825Why is Fuller’s Dymaxion Car, 1933, an example of alternative design?
Buckminster Fuller designed the drop-of-water-shaped Dymaxion Car in 1933, as his continual advocacy for alternative and sustainable energy. The car is an example of alternative design as it featured three wheels with the rear wheel used for steering and front wheel for drive, a long body about 20 feet, and a greatly aerodynamic design (Bellows). The car realized its potential at it could corner well, reached a speed of 120 miles per hour, was lightweight, and only consumed 30 gallons of fuel per mile. It also could carry 11 passengers, much greater than other cars at the time.
3 1143000838835Analyze Raymond Loewy’s design for the interior of NASA Skylab, 1967 -73, in terms of the Maya Stage?
The design of the interior of the NASA Skylab incorporated features that would increase sociability, privacy, nutrition, hygiene, and ease of work. The design improved habitability, and would affect the astronauts psychologically and socially in a positive way (Novak). The designs related to the space practicality and constraints, but were deemed impractical since they appeared too modern and would not be implemented.
4 024352259525701675Analyze Saarine’s Trans World Airlines Terminal, New York City, 1962, in terms of clean design and use of materials.
The building of the Trans World Airlines terminal involved a modern design that was both eye-catching and meant to redefine hospitality in air travel. The building design found inspiration from the sea gull, its roofs representing the bird’s wings. The architect envisioned a building that complements its environment in all facets. It was mainly made of concrete, with lots of industrial materials such as glass and steel used to finish the design (Cohen). The building is clean and aesthetic according to the architect’s plans.
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