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David Hammons’ Works In The Context Of Sports (Research Paper Sample)


Through the artist David Hammons's two works of art about sports (1. Basketball box 2. Basketball printed pictures) to compare with modern sports.
Be sure to describe in detail the artwork he made related to sports. Why is artist David Hammons looking for inspiration from the sports world? Why is modern sports related to politics? What is the stereotype of the public about American sports?
Try to give as many detailed descriptions on David Hammons’ sports related art works.


Professor’s name:
David Hammons’ Work in the Context of Sports
Artists have over the years used their expertise to highlight features or aspects of the society from the point of knowledge and understanding of its cultural orientation or way of life. The United States society, for instance, is characteristic of social struggles across the parameters of race, class, ethnicity, and political ideologies. The racial strife existing in the United States, for instance, would find its way into galleries and museums as sketched works of paint or beautiful sculptured figures representing an intricate understanding of the society’s cultural background. The excellent works of a wide range of handcrafts coupled with a display of complex or contemporary techniques of artistic productions further reflected both the artist’s and society’s awareness of the emerging trends and issues deemed problematic towards the community’s progress. In essence, the works of art provide the artists with a platform to voice their perceptions on some of the existing values and beliefs of society. The artists would give praises to what they believed to positive or beneficial to society or criticize what they deemed a deterrent to enhancing society. Such are the works of a renowned artist who art evokes different emotions and opinions from the audience and society in general, David Hammons. A majority of Hammons artwork seeks to fault the existing differences in matters of race and the cultural or ethnic stereotypes characterizing the African Americans in American society. The artist, for instance, has produced various artworks challenging the African American stereotypes attached to their perceived prowess or excellence in sporting activities and talent utilization. The artist’s work in the popular American sport of basketball makes some interesting revelations about the African Americans consuming obsession with sporting activity. The artists provide a different and unique perspective on the sport and the often-ignored details of its negative effects on the social group. A critical analysis of two of his major works of art concerning basketball provides an excellent platform for comparing his artistic view on the sport and the sport’s current situation in society.
* “Which Mike do you want to be like…”?
One of Hammons’ artwork relating to the African Americans affiliation to sporting activities for their perceived athleticism and potential to excel in their diverse fields, is a piece consisting of three unplugged microphones. The chord of the three vintage microphones spiral to the floor with each of them representing three of the most famous sporting and talented individuals in the African American community perceived to have reached the peek of their distinct professions. The microphones are symbolic of Michael Jackson, Mike Tyson, and Michael Jordan who are known for their achievements in the music industry, boxing, and basketball CITATION Mar161 \l 1033 (Markus). Michael Jordan goes down the history books of American basketball as the greatest player to ever play in the National Basketball Association (NBA) CITATION Ann19 \l 1033 (Ann

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