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Dadaism art movement Visual & Performing Arts Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Please write a research paper about dadaism art movement. Please use 8 academic source.


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Dadaism Art Movement
Following the First World War, the world experienced immense changes, particularly in many social abstracts. However, even before the start of this war, Europe was on a steep decline in upholding reality. Radical ideas were gaining much more attention and afoot. Gradually, factors resulting in the establishment of Dadaism were ensuing. Dadaism or Dada was the first major anti-art movement whose ideology was predicated on revolting against the culture and values that purportedly, cause and supposed the rise of the war. Over a short period, its prominence transformed Dadaism into a highly avant-garde art of the anarchistic type (Behair 28). Avant-garde describes a style, group, or artist who is regarded to be significantly ahead of the lot based upon their application, subject matter, or procedure. The primary intentions of the new-found status were bent on subverting and undermining the value system of the elite and more so, those ruling. They perceived these individuals as inextricable to the discredited socio-political status-quo. Dadaism rose into much prominence in 1916 and more specifically in the North American and European zones relying on the energetic young individuals (in their early twenties) who had avoided conscription and settling in neutral cities such as Barcelona, Zurich, and New York.

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