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Art History Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)

Write a research paper (1500-2000) on the topic below below: The two works of art to be discussed are the NUDE WOMAN FROM WILLENDORF and APHRODITE OF KNIDOS. Both of these works are examples of Christ imagery. IMPORTANT: AFTER the introduction paragraph, include a picture of the NUDE WOMAN FROM WILLENDORF, refer to it as figure 1 throughout the paper, and then give an overview of it. Then, show a picture of APHRODITE OF KNIDOS, refer it to as figure 2, give a brief overview of it. Then, Compare and contrast them in terms of medium, style, function and subject matter. Discuss the ways in which they are a product of the historical circumstances in which they were produced. Sources: Use at least 7 sources such as articles, encyclopedias or books. Make sure that the sources are scholarly. ALSO: Make sure to ask the question "why does the art look the way it does? throughout the paper. THANK YOU, source..
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The history of art dates back many decades ago. Research indicates that the first works of art to ever be discovered was in the 1800s. Just as is the case the today, art was used as form of expression. Artists at the time would use their work to discuss various issues that were of societal concern and interest. Art played a crucial role in generating social discussions, a role that is played by median in modern day world. Art was also used to give general societal portrayals. In this discussion two main works of art will be discussed. They include Nude Woman from Willendorf, also known as Venus of Willendorf and Aphrodite of Knidos. Among the main issues of focus in the discussion include medium, function, style and subject matter. Some of the main questions to be asked will include why the sculptures look the way they do and what makes them stand out from other works of art. In terms of the function of the sculptures, the main audience would people who understand the history of art. Such people are the only ones who are capable of appreciating the value and meaning of these sculptures.
Nude Woman of Willendorf
Figure one has been said to be one oldest yet greatest of art to have ever been done. Despite stirring a lot of controversy in modern day society, it still remains a great of art. One of the issues that have brought about a controversy is the name given to the women. Originally, it was known as the Venus of Willendorf. The name Venus had eventually to be dropped as it stirred a lot of controversy. The piece of art was therefore renamed The Nude Woman from Willendorf. For many people who appreciate art from its very core, they would agree that the name Venus would fit more. It helps in cementing the identification of the piece of art (Gardner, p. 54-6).
Another issue of importance is the material with which the carving is made. In the 18th and 19th centuries when artists began to be more open with their works, the most common material that was used was either clay, or in some rare cases, stones (Gardner, p. 48-9). Stones were mainly used for carvings and sculptures. Figure 1 however was made using limestone. This was intended to increase durability. It is amazing to note that very many years after it was carved, figure 1 is still intact. Its popularity has transcended and exceeded even that of the artist who designed it (Squire, p. 43-5). The carving is believed to be about 22,000 years since it was carved. The artist who made the carving is also believed to have put in a lot of effort. This is because of the toughness of the material. It means that the artist also intended for the craving to remain durable hence chose a tough material.
A single glance at the carving and one can already tell tha...
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