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Celebrity. Media and Transformation in the Asia Pacific (Research Paper Sample)


Choose a well-known celebrity or star from the Asia-pacific region. Analyze the social function and social meaning of this celebrity. Is the Asian start system different from the West? If yes, how and why?

Media and Transformation in the Asia Pacific


Assessment 3: Research PaperLength: 2,500 words (+/-10%; excluding references) Task Description ●  Taking up the call to De-Westernize media studies, identify a relevant example of media from the Asia-Pacific region which allows you to explore the issues or concepts implicated by the question. ●  Research the existing academic literature on your topic, concepts and example. Make sure you connect to the issues we identified as being important for this topic in this course! ●  Offer a response to the question that critically analyzes the trends and issues involved with your topic. Research Questions Choose a well-known celebrity or star from the Asia-pacific region. Analyze the social function and social meaning of this celebrity. Is the Asian start system different from the West? If yes, how and why? Assessment Criteria: ●  Demonstrate a deep understanding of the core arguments and concepts from one of the topics in the course ●  Demonstrate an ability to apply academic theory and concepts in the critical analysis of a specific example of media from the Asia-Pacific ●  Be able to express your ideas clearly in writing in a manner that engages the reader and presents a rigorous argument in your response to the selected essay question ●  Be able to reference your ideas using the Harvard in-text referencing style. Student Learning Outcomes Assessed 1. Identify and apply key concepts and theories which explain the relationship between media and globalisation 2. Appreciate diversity among and within cultures, while recognising the role global media plays in fostering new patterns of culture and identification, which are no longer solely based on geography. 3. Discuss the balance between the 'global' and the 'local' in different forms of media in relation to the context of their production and distribution. 4. Identify key trends and patterns in the flow of audio-visual goods and services and evaluate the impact of attempts to regulate them. Graduate Attributes 1. The skills involved in scholarly enquiry. 2. The ability to engage in independent and reflective learning. 3. Information literacy - the skills to appropriately locate, evaluate and use relevant information. 

Additional information: Choose the celebrity or star from China or Korea.


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The celebrity culture has been spreading for the past few decades, and there is no sign that it will stop any time soon. Instead, celebrity elements have become popular in the news media of the 21st century where celebrities feature in mass-market magazines, nightly television programs, and online newspaper editions, among others (Turner 2010, p. 13). Celebrity news has played a significant role in attracting attention of individuals, driving consumption and influencing how people live in society. Unlike in the past where celebrities became popular by featuring into movies and songs which were aired on various television and radio programs, new channels of producing, representing, and consuming celebrity commodities have emerged. Today, individuals are capitalizing on the presence of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, among others, to popularize their works (Turner 2010, p. 13). Nevertheless, traditional media such as television, radio, and magazine have not been fully abandoned.

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