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Research Project Information About Keton Diet (Research Paper Sample)


All rough work, notes, initial drafts and supplemental material must be submitted with the student's final copy at the end of the semester in order to receive full credit for this component of the course. The rough material demonstrating progression on the project will be worth one half of the research project grade. This Research Project is not to fulfill any other course requirement. Projects must typed, double-spaced with citations in the Chicago End Note format meaning that numerical citations within the paper will correspond to a summary of End Notes of the numbered documented sources at the end of the paper. An alphabetical Bibliography of cited sources and non-cited sources of information used in the compilation of the paper must also be completed and included at the end of the paper.
Supplemental Research Project Information
Research Projects in this course must use "Chicago Style End Notes" and follow the following guideline:
1. Superscript numbers are required in sequence (1,2, 3, etc.) throughout your paper after each citation.
2. An End Note Summary page at the end of the paper listed in numerical order (based upon the sequence of citations in your paper) with the author, publisher, date, pagination information provided.
3. E-mail addresses alone are insufficient citations and, if used, must be accompanied by additional information.
4. With such an End Note Summary page, no footnotes and parenthetical notes of any kind will be necessary in the paper.
5. An alphabetical Bibliography will also be required listing all sources cited and possibly other sources used, but not cited.
6. All notes, drafts and supplemental materials used in the progress on your paper must also be submitted in order to receive full credit on this project.
7. A cover page for your paper is requested with the title of the paper, the date, course name and number and student name.


Ketone diet
The endless debate on whether a low fat diet compared to a low carb diet is better for weight loss have continued to dominate health discussions. With several diet types to choose from, many people are not certain on which diet is appropriate for weight loss. The challenge is whether to go for a low carb diet or a low-fat diet, highlighting some of the negative effects of low carb diet like weight gain. Research studies have evaluated the effectiveness of both fat and carb diets for weight loss focusing on Ketone diet.
A Ketone diet is known for its low carbohydrate concentration; therefore a Ketone diet is effective in controlling weight since the body produces ketones in the liver that the body can use as energy. The possible advantages of weight loss and managing certain diseases that emphasize on fat and low intake of carbohydrates are not well established despite the fact that weight loss and metabolic improvement can be achieved with a wide variety of carbohydrate intake. This research aims at discussing some of the effects of low carb diets including both the negative and the positive effects, the type of food to take or avoid, which can result in weight loss.
In recent years, research on weight loss has prominently shifted from fat to carbohydrates, several studies revealing how low carb diet is one of the best strategies to reduce body weight and stay healthy. Carbohydrates are the body's main sources of energy; hence carbohydrates fuel the vital body organs like the central nervous system the brain and kidneys. Carbohydrate is usually broken down into energy form known as glucose, which plays an important role in ensuring that the body works optimally. The body uses insulin to transport glucose within the body cells. However, when there are too many carbohydrates consumed in the body the blood sugar levels increase the insulin, resulting in gaining the weight.
Low carbohydrate diets involve receiving a specific amount of carbohydrate not exceeding 70 grams in one day. However, other levels of dietary carbohydrates can still be determined by the amount of energy intake. When the energy level of the diet is reduced, the quantity of energy generated from carbohydrates will also increase. This explains the shift in managing weight that focus on carbohydrate-restricted diets. Although the past arguments have cited health risks, including weight gain and other side effects, new approach to dieting has established that calories theory whereby weight loss can be possible by consuming fewer calories than we burn up.
Based on this view, dietary approaches to weight loss have attempted to review the alteration of macronutrient composition like reduction of carbohydrate intake. This process involves a diet-induced procedure where the excretion of fat is facilitated by molecules known as ketone. Therefore, restricting carbohydrate diet that causes metabolic adaptation will ensure that body can synthesize Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) through a normal process of substrate other than glucose and glycogen. Hence, fatty acids and ketones become the major source of energy. According to the ketogenic theory, low carbohydrate diets facilitate the process of burning body fat enabling the body to burn excessive fats.
Ketones are produced by the liver as fats that are released from the body storage later. When ketones are controlled within the bloodstream, this permits the body to function well based on quantities of carbohydrate. Researchers assert that the body is adaptive, therefore when the body is overloaded with fats, carbohydrates can be limited to enable the body to burn ketones making them its primary sources of energy, and hence an optimal ketone level in the body has many health benefits including weight loss.

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