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Ideal Community: Sustainable Development (Research Paper Sample)


While this paper is designed as a sequel to the first (the “Ideal Society” paper you turned in at the start of the semester), it differs in that you will only discuss one specific, researchable aspect of the society you envision.
Having completed the annotated bibliography bibliography, consider these questions: What has changed in your vision? What has stayed the same? What reasons do you have for making any changes to your ideal? Think about scale, functionality, values. Finally, what practical step(s) can/will you take over the next few years to make your ideal a reality?
You should pay attention to the issues I addressed in responding to the first (ideal society) paper: How will your ideas contribute to sustainability not merely as a program of “green” building but as an effort to mitigate social inequality and other destabilizing systems? How will your project attend to scale? (At least give a sense of what scale you are working at and how this might be expanded or how it might appear in a local manifestation.) Give a sense of how these practices might be actualized, paid for, what the forms of currency and exchange may be (or how they may have to change), depending on your vision.
Consider how your research topic fits into greater debates around sustainability and models of sustainable development. If you are interested in writing on the uses of a particular technique, material or object, situate your argument in relation to general debates about green building. If you are promoting a political paradigm or a specific legal/policy idea, situate it in the context of overweening debates about the roles of government and institutions with regard to the environment.
Also, take seriously the comments I made on your prior work—be specific in your concerns or proposals, focus on a system or design problem (such as food, waste and recycling management, neighborhood green spaces, building, fashion, or object production, et cetera). In doing this, you should of course engage the research from your annotated bibliography, although you may have to do some additional research.
While I will not require you to cite from course readings, you would certainly do well to look through them. Especially those in the SUDR will provide support to your conjectures and may offer useful context to your intervention. You are, however, required to cite from a number of sources encountered during your research.
Finally, do remember to cite properly from the research you use — quote from it, paraphrase, and in every case be sure to include proper in-text citations in addition to a works cited page. Plagiarism is a concern, so if you have questions please do talk to me.


Ideal Community

Professor's Name

The initial plan envisioned transition to sustainable development where there was prior vetting and selection of resides to ensure that they adhere to rules, regulations and behave as expected. However, this provision will be loosened as having people with different ideas can provide insights to how the community members can work together to solve common problems affecting the society. Nonetheless, there will be focus on ensuring that the place is safe, secure clean and there is support for the open voting process. Involving the community members d in decision making their input helps to support sustainable development initiatives.

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