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How Should An Ideal Community Look Like? (Research Paper Sample)


While this paper is designed as a sequel to the first (the “Ideal Society” paper you turned in at the start of the semester), it differs in that you will only discuss one specific, researchable aspect of the society you envision.
Having completed the annotated bibliography bibliography, consider these questions: What has changed in your vision? What has stayed the same? What reasons do you have for making any changes to your ideal? Think about scale, functionality, values. Finally, what practical step(s) can/will you take over the next few years to make your ideal a reality?
You should pay attention to the issues I addressed in responding to the first (ideal society) paper: How will your ideas contribute to sustainability not merely as a program of “green” building but as an effort to mitigate social inequality and other destabilizing systems? How will your project attend to scale? (At least give a sense of what scale you are working at and how this might be expanded or how it might appear in a local manifestation.) Give a sense of how these practices might be actualized, paid for, what the forms of currency and exchange may be (or how they may have to change), depending on your vision.


Ideal Community
Having reviewed a number of works and perceptions of various scholars, I have come to realize that everyone has his own perception of how an ideal community should look like. The selection of the elements of the ideal community depends on the culture, norms, upbringing and values of the individual envisioning the ideal community. However, the major task is to develop and construct the community in a such a manner that the underlying concepts, values and the administrative system in based on key principles that will be ideal for all people who will reside in that community regardless of their background.
However, these new concepts and views from other people, have changed my view of what an ideal community is. An ideal community is the one that promotes a sense of togetherness among the residents. Now I believe this will be the best for my people. It will be an example that other communities would like to emulate and people would like to live in. In order to realize this ideal community, the first step will be get individuals who possess certain traits and qualities to perform the tasks assigned to them for the benefit of others. Such individuals will solely work for the objective of constructing the ideal community with its principles based on service delivery to all people regardless of their background. The ideal community needs to be perfect in various ways not only to those who live in it but also to those who observe its system and functionality from the external as well. Therefore, to achieve this vision, I will consider the following factors demographics, social and spiritual needs, location, commerce and economics, health, law and order, government and recreation. The individuals who will live in my ideal community will belong to any gender, age group as well as ethnic background. They will hold ownership of their homes to give them a sense of accountability and responsibility as they permanently live in the community. Those individuals with families and would have an interest in renting in my ideal community will have a chance to occupy a residence. The residents of my ideal community should have a flexible, respectful and accepting attitude.
The community will be located in a place that is secure from pollution, criminal activities and any other hazardous activity that may threaten the safety of my residents. On the other hand, it will have all the necessary resources such grocery stores, health centers, cafes, recreational centers and many more that promotes a harmonious dwelling in the ideal community. Urban centers have proved to be efficient in access to various services and opportunities; therefore, I will construct my ideal community for my family and I in an urban center. It is true that rural areas are the safer than urban centers in terms of criminal activities and even pollution, but the fact that they are less populated and people live greater distances from one another turns me away because it will be difficult to access the necessary services for my ideal community.[Van Dijk et al., "The ideal neighbourhood for ageing in place as perceived by frail and non-frail community-dwelling older people."]
All the residents residing in my ideal community will have

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