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Globalization In The Rise Of Transnational Organized Crimes (Research Paper Sample)


The purpose of the research paper is to communicate to others what you have learned. The topic of your paper must follow the research/paper proposal that you have handed in earlier, as modified by the comments you received and any discussions you have had with your TA subsequently. It must reflect one of the themes from the course
Your paper should include:

An introduction which contains: description of the intellectual problem you are investigating; a thesis statement in the introduction which sets out your argument; a brief description of the plan or parts of the paper
The body of the paper which develops your argument. It offers an interpretation of the evidence you have uncovered. It weighs evidence in favor and against your particular argument.
A conclusion which discusses the implications of your argument and suggests new research questions that arise from your paper
The 12 required sources must be academic, after that it doesn't matter
Finally, the paper needs to reflect the theme of security (Human security, New security or traditional state-centrist approach) doesn't matter whether its one or all but the paper needs to reflect the theme of security at some point or I will get a grade of 0
I attached the research proposal but it does not have to be following its just for reference so the writer is able to have an idea of what I was trying to write about.


Significance of Globalization in the Rise of Transnational Organized Crimes
Significance of Globalization in the Rise of Transnational Organized Crimes
Globalization involves the integration of international systems that facilitate the exchange of products, ideas, views, and other sociocultural aspects across the world. Technological advancements in both transportation and communication services have greatly influenced the adoption of globalization over the years. As a result, globalization has created a path for conducting international transactions such as communication, travel, finance, and trade. Countries that have significantly embraced globalization benefits from the interdependent cultural and economic growth opportunities in the long-term. However, globalization also facilitates criminal and illegal activities involving multiple nations. Over the last few decades, the rate of technological developments and international interactions has tremendously increased. Consequentially, international governance and law enforcement entities find it difficult to cope with the changes thus creating room for diversification and internationalization of criminal activities and businesses.
Today, transnational organized crimes are rampant even in their macroeconomic dimensions and take the forms of fraud and cybercrime, organized crime gangs and insurgency, trafficking, and marketing of illegal and counterfeit goods across continents, human trafficking, money laundering and piracy among other crimes. Despite the threats presented by these vices, less has been addressed regarding transnational criminal activities and trends from a global point of view. The paper discusses various ways through which globalization has promoted the rise of transnational organized crimes in the recent past. In this case, transnational organized crimes are crimes planned and executed in multiple nations and usually coordinated by groups of individuals by means of systematic violence or corruption or both in their illegal business ventures.
According to McCarthy, globalization is characterized by capital and investment movement, trade-related transactions, migrations, and exchange of information. These aspects of globalization result in the development of social and economic networks with international links. In this perspective, globalization involves social relations networks made up of localities that are far away from each other, and the conditions or events in one locality influences those of the other and vice versa. Therefore, globalization influences and can be influenced by the economic and sociocultural organization, business and work transactions, and other aspects of the natural environment across the globe. Different regions and sub-regions are characterized by varying and distinctive economic and sociocultural proportions. Therefore, the relationship between a nation and globalization varies from one region to the other. The increased inequality and disparities in nations around the world can be attributed to the effects of globalization. It is the inequalities that compel people to participate in the illegal market transaction and joining organized crimes in their attempt to cope with the situations or achieve a better life.[McCarthy, Dennis MP. An economic history of organized crime: A national and transnational approach. Routledge, 2011.] [Ghosh, Arghya, Peter E. Robertson, and Marie‐Claire Robitaille. "Does globalization affect crime? theory and evidence." The World Economy 39, no. 10 (2016): 1482-1513.]
Various parts of the world have been marginalized, impoverished, and full of political-related due to the disruptive effects of globalization. Transformation of sociocul...

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