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Iconography: Artistic Expression In Museums (Research Paper Sample)


The purpose of this assignment is to help you analyze art through a particular frame of reference using iconography. Use The Annunciation ca.
This Paper requires research. You should examine the Metropolitan Museum of Art's website to see what is available. You need to look up both books and articles and select at least six published scholarly sources. You will then compile them all into a bibliography. Make sure to research and outline your essay simultaneously!
*You cannot use Wikipedia or non-academic websites.
You should start your introductory paragraph by providing basic information about the work of art (include the full title (italicized), the name of the author, the year and place of creation, and other relevant details, such as medium and style). Then, introduce the context within which you place the things you plan to analyze. Finish with the thesis statement in which you provide your interpretation of the work of art.
Make sure that each body paragraph develops only one idea! For this essay, the first body paragraph will be descriptive (provide a detailed visual description of the chose work of art (use the terms that you learned in class) and the rest will be expository. Expository paragraphs will help you develop your arguments. An expository paragraph has the following layout:
A TOPIC SENTENCE communicates the main idea of the paragraph. EVIDENCE refers to factual information relevant to the paragraph's main idea (it must be cited). EVALUATION explains how the main idea of this paragraph relates to the main point of your essay or the frame of reference stated in your thesis. A CONCLUDING SENTENCE clearly states your point about the idea you are developing in the context of your thesis.
Restate your thesis and summarize your points made in concluding sentences in your body paragraphs.
Always italicize titles of works of art
Use Simple Past tense to describe artist's actions, e.g., Leonardo da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa in the early 1500s. The art object is usually discussed in Simple Present tense, e.g., the painting shows a half-length portrait of a mysterious woman.


Research Paper

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Iconography is the study, identification, and description of artistic expression commonly found in museums. The Annunciation triptych in the metropolitan museum known as Merode Altarpiece is a unique art piece painted between 1425 and 1430. The glamorous work is attributed to Robert Campin and his assistants. There is a possibility that this work had collective efforts as Robert Campin had the title "Master of" this was a title used in the medieval ages by German art historians to refer to anonymous works or groups of work.

This paper analyzes the spiritual message of the passed over, using the three levels of Panofsky, including the first level of what can actually be seen in the picture, the primary component of the art that we can relate to. The second level involves a keener and deeper understanding of the events taking place in the art. The third level will link the events and objects with things that the creators of the art may not have been thinking when painting.

Beginning from the right is Joseph engrossed in his carpentry work in his workshop. In the center panel, is the Virgin Mary with all his attention seemingly directed to the book she is reading, oblivious of the Angel who seems to have just arrived and looked like is about to kneel. Above the angel, there are rays and baby Jesus enters the room carrying a cross. On the left of the panel is the Merode couple kneeling in front of a semi-open door, behind them is a messenger.

This painting depicts the Annunciation, in the Fifteenth century, most paintings had this subject. Campin decided to use a setting that was appealing and relatable to the people of that time. Mary is the living room, not the bedroom as often depicted in other arts. Mary has no halo, maybe Campin wished for Mary to be viewed as an ordinary young lady. Observed keenly, the room is neat and tidy this illustrates Mary as a woman who is diligently proud of her role as a woman by taking care of her chores.

A closer look at the picture you strangely notice that instead of Mary sitting on the bench on her left, she is sitting on a cushion on the floor, this most likely is to depict her humility. She is deeply engrossed in the book she is reading, she holds the book with a white cloth to avoid getting the tome dirtied. The level of carefulness and adherence to details by Mary is huge, this also seems to bring out her humility that she is not holier and does not have the pureness same as God. Mary seems to be immersed in the book that she does not notice the presence of the angel. Between Angel Gabriel and Mary is a sixteen-sided table that historians believe is a representation of Hebrew prophets.

Sitting on the table is a scroll and an open book. This must have been the reference she was using. Reading what is most likely a religious book while referencing depicts Mary as devout and learned. On the table also is a Blue patterned majolica pitcher with a lily inside. The lily represents Mary’s purity. The polished Flemish candlestick holder has a recently extinguished candle. The flame which was

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