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The Dyson Purifier's Technical Abilities & Strengths (Research Paper Sample)


Teacher's Comment:
This is a good time to make sure you are looking beyond the Dyson purifier's technical abilities and strengths. You will need to consider the environment of the home, the Internet of things (you mention it is WiFi connected, describe why this is important to the target audience?), varieties of colors, perhaps even the status that is built into the Dyson family of products. Include images and consider whether the object answers a need or a desire. I look forward to seeing how you continue to develop your paper on this fascinating object.
Final Paper Parameters:
1 The paper should be 5-7 pages in length, double-spaced, using 12-point Times New Roman font. Please use 1” margins.
2 Refer to the Chicago Manual of Style for citations (i.e. footnotes) and bibliography.
3 You need at least six sources. You must limit your use of Internet sources, and include:
1 at least one academic journal article;
2 at least two books (one of your books must be an academic text, published by a university press;
3 primary sources (actual period documents and objects); and
4 secondary sources (writing about your topic by critics, historians, and theorists).


Dyson's Purifier
Dyson's Purifier
In the current era of rapid technological development and increased familiarity with the existing trends on the same, homes have become a new target market for innovators in the sector. People's sensitivity to their environment, residential or workplace, enhances the innovation of different products aimed at cleansing or purifying the immediate environment. The homecare industry, for instance, is at the forefront in its effort to come up with different technologies aimed at making the target market more comfortable. The constant human degradation of the environment further serves as an incentive to such firms as they endeavor to capitalize on the self-preservation opportunity through air pollution. Dyson launched an upgrade of its first generation air purifier and had taken the home automation industry to another level, the top of the chain. The Dyson air purifiers bring out a combination of various technical factors that cement the company's position as a leading manufacturer of high-quality homecare products. Indoor air could harbor multiple pollutants which may be uncomfortable for the homeowner and as such require air purifiers that meet the specific task efficiently. Some of these airborne pollutants include odor, dust particles, pollen, smoke, dander from pets, and even chemicals. Additionally, the comfort of homes requires a reduction in noise pollution for ease of communication. Some air purifiers tend to be so noisy that making a conversation or operating different gadgets such as watching television or listening to music are almost impossible. Dyson took into account all these factors to come up with a more comprehensive purifier that not only meets the owners' purification needs but also fit into their lifestyles.[University of California. (1995). The New Wellness Encyclopedia. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt] [O'Brien, C. (2018). Dyson Pure Cool: the latest in air purification. The Irish Times.]
It is a popular belief that air pollution occurs outside the confines of homes and or offices. The fact that the statement holds some amount of truth, it is necessary to highlight another fact that places indoor air pollution to be equally or even more harmful to people. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor pollution can be higher than outdoor air pollution by multiples ranging between two and five. Foreign matter in the indoor air may raise health concerns for a person as it exposes them respiratory infections and irritations. Individuals experiencing foul smell in their places of residence or difficulty in breathing due to dust or smoke may find their homes very uncomfortable. The pollutants in the indoor air make them susceptible to asthma and allergies which may deny them the luxury of keeping pets or simply enjoying their stay at home. Dyson has over the years taken the comfort of homes to be its main priority with the manufacture of a range of products that serve to cleanse indoor air. The firm shows great dedication in the purification of indoor air through various gadgets that have a capability of removing the airborne pollutants with cutting-edge technology. Dyson cuts a niche for itself in the homecare sector through a range of high-end vacuum cleaners, supersonic hair dryers, fans, heaters, and hand dryers. It is through its highly innovative manufacturing team that Dyson runs a product catalog that meets the growing demand for items that are more advanced regarding technology. Furthermore, with the increasing rate of home automation the firm has no other option but to keep on developing such products and cashing in on the needs and desires of homeowners and organizations.[Acton, Q. A. (2013). Advances in Oxygen Research and Application. ScholarlyEditions.] [O'Brien, C. (2018). Dyson Pure Cool...

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