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Women's Make-up in the U.S. History Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Dear Writer,
Hi. This research paper is for my "Sex, Love, Family: Relationships in Recent American History and Pop Culture" class's final project. I uploaded all the research paper's prompt, guidelines, and grading criteria. In this research paper, I have chosen "Women's make-up in the U.S" to be my topic. You will find a), b),c),d),e),f) steps in the research paper instruction. I have completed a), b),c) steps. I will copy and paste it into a word document and upload it for you. Notice that I have completed the bibliography for the sources in this research paper. This bibliography is just my suggestion, if when you are writing this paper, you found better historical sources. You can choose yours and then write the new bibliography. Please!!! Please!!!! Read the guidelines and follow it carefully!!!! This final project is very important to me! Thank you so much! If you have any concerns or questions please send me a message. We need to communicate. It would be the best if you can send me a rough outline/ draft in the next 2,3 days. Appreciate it!


Women’s Make-up in the US
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Make-up refers to the different substances or products that are applicable on the human face that easily alters the appearance, texture or fragrance of the face or entire body skin. These represent a mixture of chemical compounds which are derivative of natural sources artificial or synthetic. In the United States context, makeup is defined by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as the type of chemicals applicable to the human body that serves the purposes of cleansing, alteration of appearance, beautifying or promoting body attractiveness devoid of any side-effects on body structure and functions. Make-up in some cases is referred to as the cosmetics and have been in use for many years. Examples of make-up include eye shadow, lipstick, blush, mascara, foundation amongst others. The research help in the understanding of the fact on why American women use makeups and the quality it gives to their self-identity. The exploration on the use of makeups amongst American women helped in the gaining of understanding on the reason as to why women wear cosmetics and the role of makeups in their entire lives.[Smithsonian Institution. (2019). “Make-Up.” Smithsonian Institution. Retrieved from]
Many women start wearing make-up at different stages in their lives, this can be either childhood, adolescence or youth stages of life. Some women start experimenting with makeups such as lip gloss or nail polish deliberately at younger age making them enjoy the experience over time. The process of experimentation makes them develop the daily makeup schedules alongside the needs of must-haves and essentials required for makeups. Arguably, some women seek to wear cosmetics while graduating to teen age as a result of being introduced by family members. Mothers, play a key role in influencing the kind of cosmetics and their proper use by taking their teenage girls to makeup counters. In most instances, mothers are involved in determining the amount as well as approving the nature of makeup before wearing by their teenage girls. However, that was never the case in most instances since majority of the ladies wanted to discover their own identity by setting their own stage for their future habits and character.[Komar, M. (2017). “Makeup & War Are More Intricately Connected Than You Realized.” Bustle, October 28, 2017. Retrieved from]

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