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Robespierre and the Terror Writing Assignment (Research Paper Sample)


Essay must have a clear thesis, (the requirements specify how to write) resource should use the three resources mentioned in the requirements on the first page, plus two reliable resources, must be books or usable websites (such as edu), and the page number should cite chicago-style bibliography (this page is not included in the 5-page essay). Please read the requirements carefully


Robespierre and the Terror
The French Revolution was an answer to many citizens who had been praying for it. This is because they started seeing their ideas being put into action. The symbol of the revolution was The Declaration of the Rights of Man. This gave every man a right of speech and right to vote including the poor people. Things changed when Robespierre being the leader of Jacobins Club took over the revolution and changed its symbol to guillotine and blood and now it became a radical revolution (Ennis). Robespierre regarded himself politically virtuous, how did he justifies his violent activities of the French Revolution and does his explanation justify his actions. The glorification this paper gives to the state.
Robespierre argued that terror was essential, laudable and inevitable in his revolutionary government which he praised too much. He believed that republic and terror should go together and can never be separated. He justified this by saying that the republic can only be saved by the virtue of its citizens and terror was virtuous since it would help to maintain the Revolution and the Republic (Scott). He stated in his report that if virtue was the spring to a government at times of peace, then virtue together with terror would be the spring of that government at times of revolution. He further explained that "virtue without terror is destructive and terror without virtue is impotent."
According to Robespierre, terror is justice prompt, severe and inflexible; there it's an emanation of virtue. It is less a different principle than a natural consequence of the general principle of democracy and which is usually applied to the most important pressing needs of the nation. Robespierre gained more popularity in his ability to make speeches through he could change people's way of thinking and defend his opinions. This also helped him to gain much force in the terror. He emphasized on morals and virtues to defend his terror motives and would pose a rhetorical question to the audience and give them food for thought.
He would maintain the attention of his listeners by giving them ideas and sharing the personal experience of what he went through before gaining power (Wu). He would show how patriotic he was in that he was ready to die for the revolution to take place. Robespierre explained that terror would help to discover and expose enemies within Paris and France and any other enemy that was hiding in the safety brought about by patriotism. He believed that Revolution would take much time before it's accomplished; therefore there was a danger of it being sabotaged. He, therefore, decided to instill the popularity and the convention of the revolution through terror.
Through the terror force, he managed to put all the traitors, monarchists and saboteurs the entire republic and the convention. Through the leadership of Robespierre, the lists of all the traditional revolutionists were expanded and were now regarded as false revolutionists or enemies of progress. They were regarded as ignorant people wh

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