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Progressives (Research Paper Sample)

Please only answer the following questions in the paper. Who were the progressives? Why are they important for the creation of modern America? source..

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(March 02, 2012)
According to White Allen William claim, progressive was a person who had washed his shirt, and put on a derby hat, as well as shaved his whiskers. They shared several of the same aims and demands that the earlier member`s movement was not able to champion. They were also more successful at acquiring their reforms passed into the low; even if they failed to finish all the progressives they thought they would accomplish their mission.[Pegram Thomas, Partisans and Progressiveness: Private Interest and Public Policy. Illinois: University of Illinois Press, 1992]
They took a large portion of the legislative history of the early twentieth century. As a result, they were very important in the creation of modern America, in the following essential occasions. The progressives at the federal level, helped to reduce import duties with the Simmons-Underwood Tariff of 1913, as well as creation of the income tax. During 100- plus years of the American history, tariff had offered the bulk of the government revenue, and as a federal income tax, no such issue was available. They also ensure the Senators popular election, with the passage of the seventeenth Amendment in 1913.[Elizabeth Glenda, G. & Hofstadter Richard,. Who were the Progressives? Chicago: Palgrave Macmillan, 2002.]
The progressives encouraged the banning of alcohol by passing the Eighteenth Amendment of 1918. The final push for the women suffrage, granted by the Nineteenth Amendment in 1920 was also facilitated with the help of the progressive. They were also less radical than the populist, and as a result, they never pushed for grain storage companies, and railroad nationalization as their predecessors had done. Later on, they did secure passage of the warehouse act, which gave farmers credit, to keep their products in federally licensed warehouse. This helped to resemble the old sub treasury plan.[Pestritto Ronald, , & William ...
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