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Portrait of Madame du Pompadour History Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Essay Requirements

Topic: Portrait of Madame du Pompadour


Thesis statement:

Francois Boucher ’s painting, Madame de Pompadour (1756), includes elements of furniture, clothing, and accessories, which are propaganda of Madame de Pompadour 's influence on the court of Louis XV.



The 200-level art history course level requires a research paper of a minimum of four (4) to a maximum of seven (7) pages. You may research any art historical topic that is of interest to you relating to eighteenth-century art. A research project involves an idea about a particular object, group of objects, or a selected aspect of the work of a particular artist or group of artists, or theoretical and/or critical issues surrounding the work of a particular artist or artistic movement and arguing your point. A strong thesis statement is required, and your research will help you to develop and sustain your argument. Your paper should be narrowly focused so that you can define your argument and significant points within the number of pages allowed in this assign. Do not attempt a compare and contrast concept, as this paper is too short for a lengthy comparison needed for scholarly representation. Professor Trittel must approve all topics. Once approved, a change in topic must be resubmitted to your professor for approval. When in doubt, check with Professor Trittel.

Your research paper must contain a minimum of four (4) sources for textual evidence (does not include sources for images) in your bibliography and you must use and cite all of your sources in your final paper. Web-based sources frequently contain unreliable information. Any source you use from the internet must have a scholarly author. If an author does not claim responsibility for the information he or she puts on the internet, then it is probably not a valid site. If you are struggling with finding the author, send a link to Prof. Trittel for assistance.

Research paper requirements:

  • The research paper will be submitted as a Word (.doc or .docx) document. No other program is acceptable.
  • The paper is to be a minimum of four pages, maximum seven pages
  • Use 11 or 12 font size only
  • Chicago-Turabian format (footnotes)
  • Double-space each page, printing only on one side, using standard margins (left,

1.25, right, 1 inch, top and bottom 1 inch each)

  • Images are to be placed after the body of the paper in the Illustration section
  • Cover page, illustrations and bibliography are required, though not included in the

page count for the body of the paper

  • Academic language is to be used – no slang (casual language) allowed

Your finished paper must include the following:
1. Title Page (separate page – do not number)
2. Text (begin numbering pages)
four to eight-page paper, typed and double-spaced. Use 11- or 12-size font. Use the standard margins. Points will be deducted for triple spacing, enlarging margins, etc.
Text must include:

A. Introduction (including thesis statement)
B. Body of information with discussion and interpretation

C. Conclusion

3. Footnotes. You must use footnotes (the Chicago-Turabian format) for your source material as noted in the Barnet textbook. Do not use in-text notation (i.e., Smith, 10). Any information (ideas, theories, interpretations, etc.) and all quotations must be footnoted to their source, including name of author, title of publication, location, publisher, date, and page numbers. Failure to do so is considered PLAGIARISM and you will automatically fail the assignment.

4. Illustrations (separate page(s) - do not include illustrations within your text)
Each illustration should be presented on a separate page and labeled below the illustration as follows:
Figure 1. Artist, Title, Date, Medium, Size, Location

Source: Bibliographic source of image If this is a website, include access date; if you have scanned an image from a book include the pertinent information (as if it were a footnote) including page number.

5. Bibliography (separate page) Bibliographic references should be single-spaced and listed in alphabetical order by author’s last name. Do not number your bibliography!

Please Note

  1. Title Page, Illustrations and Bibliography are NOT INCLUDED in your four

to seven-page count.

  1. As this is a paper devoted to the visual arts, a suitable number of images

must be used to illustrate points made in your text.

  1. Your paper must be professionally written, typed, and double-spaced in 11

or 12-point Times New Roman (or similarly legible font) and free of grammatical and typographical errors. Failure to do so will be reflected in the final grade of your paper.


  1. Failure to use the Turabian/Chicago Style will result in a failing grade for the paper.
  2. The use of any dictionaries and/or encyclopedias (including on-line encyclopedias), such as Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Britannica,, etc., is not permitted. If you include bibliographic citations from any non-approved sources, you will lose one full letter grade for the paper for each inclusion.
  3. Plagiarism will result in automatic failure of the assignment and you will be submitted for review to the Academic Dishonesty Board.

The Portrait of Madame de Pompadour
Xiaoxuan Li
ARTH 121
Professor Trittel Rebecca
The portrait depicts the most influential lady of France in the 18th century sitting on a couch confidently and respectably with a lavish, cultured dress. It is the Marquise of Pompadour, known by most as Madame de Pompadour, who was born in December 1721 and enjoyed great influence and power. King Louis XV officially appointed her as chief mistress of his court in 1745 for consecutive six years. The mistress was majorly involved in politics, architecture and arts, mainly ceramic. After leading a pompous life of influence, she died in 1764 of tuberculosis. Francois Boucher's painting, Madame de Pompadour (1756), includes elements of furniture, clothing, and accessories, which serve as propaganda of Madame de Pompadour's influence on the court of Louis XV.[Thomas E. Kaiser, "Madame de Pompadour and the Theaters of Power," French Historical Studies 19, no. 4 (1996)]

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