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Militias Versus A Standing Army (Research Paper Sample)


Directions- You are to write a paper of 4-6 pages in length on one of the following topics. Please write your paper in 12 point, Times New Roman font, using double spacing and standard margins. These papers are due before or at class time on April 8. I would like you to hand them in in-person, in class. Please do not email them to me. I will deduct 1/3 of a letter grade for each day that papers are handed in late. You may write on a topic of your choosing if you wish, but PLEASE discuss your idea with me first. That can be taken up by email.Feel free to ask me any questions that occur to you before or while writing these papers. You may email me, or, of course, come visit during my office hours. I also encourage you to take a rough draft of your paper to the Writing Center (Bunting 409). This is a free resource, and it can only help. If you are not a native English speaker, you are required to do this.Grading Criteria- I am looking for 4 things in these papers:1. Persuasive argumentation. In these papers, you are asked to take a position on the interpretation of texts and prove that you are reading carefully. You must support the position you take, for example, in the form of allusions to the text in question and, of course, ample quotations from the text. Don’t go overboard with the quotes: I am grading you, not Machiavelli or Burke. A good suggestion is to use brief quotes, interspersed with your own comments. 2. Clarity. Make sure that your position in the paper, and all arguments and evidence used to support it, is expressed clearly. A proofreader can help determine this.3. Correct grammar. This follows from the first criterion: correct grammar is essential for clear writing. If you are shaky on grammar, I highly suggest you have someone in the Writing Center (Bunting 4th floor) proofread it. 4. Insightful comments and critique. This is what separates the good papers—and great ones—from the adequate ones: Make your paper interesting, and include insight beyond what was discussed in class.
Discuss the debate over militias versus a standing army, in the Federalist Papers. What was the argument in favor of militias, and leaving national defense to them? How did the authors of the Federalist Papers rebut those arguments? Why did they think militias were unacceptable, and why did they not fear the dangers of a standing army? In retrospect, what do you think of their argument? Can you think of some reasons that militias might still be desirable, or a good idea?


Militias versus a Standing Army
The constitution of the United States is one of the oldest in the world. It is, however, important to note that when it was being adopted, many Americans were largely divided over its worth and excellence. After delegates of the Federal Convention of 1787 accomplished and fulfilled their responsibilities and cast their votes to approve the newly developed constitution, some members declined to vote and only thirty-nine out of the fifty-five delegates who gave their signature. One major issue which raised concerns among the people revolved around the formation of militias and a standing army. This paper will critically examine whey militia were advocated and explain why the authors disapproved those arguments.
First, the militia was advocated and recommended because they were thought as being more uninformed and organized just like the military. For this reason, some of the individuals thought that arming and organizing them would help them in governing part of them because they had equal intelligence with the personnel employed in the service. It is also important to note that militias were considered as an effective means of ensuring peace in the state governments and the states would be responsible for their militia. This was viewed as a convenient way of reducing or distributing the powers held by the federal government, and it was an efficient and better way of ensuring internal peace since the militia did not require skill and or science of war to acquire the organization which is attributed to the military. The use militia was therefore seen as a suitable means of promoting public defence.[Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and James Madison. 2001. "The Federalist." Edited by George W. and James McClellan Carey. 1-553.]
Furthermore, militias would also aid in reducing the need for more military camps. The training and regulation of the militias would help in delivering and accomplishing desirable conformity, raise the degree of proficiency and also reduce variation from military functions. If properly controlled and managed, the militia was regarded as the most natural form of defence that should be exhibited in a free country. Furthermore, the establishment of militias would help the state governments together with the people to form alliances which can repel any danger from the federal government as well as from other nations. People believed that the regular army which was formed and funded by the federal government was not big and strong enough to defend the country from external threats and promote peace in the country. Individuals who had participated in the resistance against the British army were confident that a well-trained and organized militia would overcome any “proportion of regular troops”.[Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and James Madison. 2001. "The Federalist." Edited by George W. and James McClellan Carey. 1-553.] [Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and James Madison. 2001. "The Federalist." Edited by George W. and James McClellan Carey. 1-553.]
Besides, the force was viewed as the sole instrument of authority, and this made individuals such as Alexander Hamilton support the establishment of militias in the various states as a means of distributing power and influence between the federal and the state governments. Hamilton stipulated that the militias would be d

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