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The Impact of World War II on Holocaust survivors and Their Mental Health (Research Paper Sample)


Each student will write a research paper on a topic relating to the Second World War. The assignment will allow you to bring together skills in interpreting primary and secondary sources, and in bibliographical research. The final paper should be roughly 6 to 8 pages in length, not including the title page and bibliography. It should be properly referenced with footnotes or endnotes. In grading, a premium will be placed on your ability to present your argument in an organized fashion and in graceful prose. There must be a minimum of 3 primary sources (photos, letters, etc., from the second world war that you must find and INTEGRATE into the paper, analyzing it to support your arguments; these resources MUST BE PRESENT in the paper, as well as they should be sited), and 8-10 secondary sources of which 2 must be books (one of the books used can be "World War II a Very Short Introduction" by Gerhard Weinberg, this textbook is the one used in the course). Footnotes must also be used.
• Times New Roman, 12-point font
• Double Spaced
• Page numbers in the top right corner
• Write in paragraphs!!! Check your grammar and spelling!!!
• Make sure your structure is logical and builds your argument clearly.
• Write every sentence with a purpose. Think, what am I trying to accomplish by writing this sentence? When you edit and reread, think have I made my point effectively?
• Chicago Style Citations, notes-bibliography. Bibliography on a separate page.
• The title page does not have a page number.


The Impact of World War II on Holocaust Survivors and their Mental Health
Due Date
The Impact of World War II on Holocaust Survivors and their Mental Health
The world is currently witnessing political instabilities across different regions that have escalated into endless civil wars or armed conflicts with devastating effects on all the parties involved in the wars. The multi-sided civil war in Syria, for instance, threatens spillage to other countries around the world including its neighboring nations that support the different warring factions. The Western countries are cautious in their approach or involvement in the wars and armed conflicts witnessed around the world in countries such as Syria, Libya, and Yemen. Instead, the perceived powerful or influential countries function to contain the warring events and provide amicable solutions towards bringing to an end the highly devastating events. That was, however, not the case in one of the most catastrophic warring events recorded in human history that occurred towards the mid 20th century whose involvement of countries from all the continents of the world coined its famous name; World War II. The Second World War, as it is also known, goes down in the world’s history as one of the most devastating warring events whose destruction went beyond loss of lives to impart untold mental and psychological suffering among both the active participants and the civilians. However, it was the racial cleansing of the Jews by Nazi Germany across the European region that stood out as the most atrocious element of the Second World War. The Holocaust, as it came to be known, accounts for some of the outrageous warring events ever witnessed in the world and whose repercussions are still felt by the survivors of the same seven decades later. The psychological and mental effects of the ordeal faced or rather witnessed by survivors of the Holocaust further go beyond those who were directly exposed to the atrocities to include their subsequent generations. An evaluation of the impact of World War II creates a comprehensive understanding of its effects on the survivors of the holocaust through the lens of mental health.

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