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Beer. Czech Republic Beer. Pilsner Lager Beer. Old beer (Research Paper Sample)


Research paper format:
Double-spaced, typed pages of text (not including note page and bibliography).
standard 12 point font.
state a thesis and present evidence that supports this thesis.
use Chicago-style notations.
the bibliography may not include encyclopedia, textbooks, or other general references.
If internet sources are used, then each internet source must be accompanied by a brief statement (three or four sentences) evaluating the reliability of the source.


Running Head: Beer
Czech Republic Beer
[Name of the Writer]
[Name of the Institution]
Czech Republic Beer
Beer is considered as a national beverage by the Czechs as well as the part of the cultural heritage. There is a difference in customary Czech beer and other products in terms of the sensorial properties, raw materials and specific technology. Czech beer because of its high quality not only became famous in Europe but also all across the globe. Similarly, the brewing industry in Czech flourished until World War 1 since the production in the year 1912 reached a record level of 11 mill hl brewed. However, the constant growth of the brewing industry in Czech was interrupted by both the world wars. Consequently, a large number of the breweries have been destroyed or badly damaged. Nevertheless, in 1948 the communist regime took control and nationalized the breweries. Even though the breweries lacked adequate finances, they are compelled to use old equipment, they were able to fulfill the demands of the market sufficiently. Along these lines, this paper argues that the Czech Republic beer significantly evolved over the time in spite of all the hurdles. Accordingly, the aim of this paper is to review the history of the Czech Republic beer.[Bobak, Martin, Zdenka Skodova, and Michael Marmot. "Effect of beer drinking on the risk of myocardial infarction: population based case-control study." BMJ 320, no. 7246 (2000): 1378-1379.]

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