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American History 1492-1877 History Research Paper Essay (Research Paper Sample)


Assignment Instructions
Topic: Write an American History timeline. Include what you think were the
important events. This serves as your Final Exam.
The Events MUST: -have taken place in America between 1492-1877
-be significant to American History.
-Consider the questions: What happened? Include the basics. Why were
these events important? How did they shape the Era? Why should they be
-Length: 125 words per event.
-Ten events. 10 events only. 1 date = 1 event
Format: DATE including Month, day, and year: event title- i.e. what
IMPORTANCE: your short analysis of what happened and why it was important.
Each event should be at least 125 words.
1 date 1 event: Do not write:
The beginning of a War and end of a War will be considered just 1 event.
**Do not: write an essay. A timeline means a timeline.
**Do not: use general War events like: the Civil War 1861. If you use
Wars, include specific start and end dates.
HINT: World War II did not take place 1492-1877.
***Not 10 events from the same War/ Movement/ Era, etc. If you do all
events about 1 Battle/ War/ Movement/ Era, you will not get full credit.
Do not include themes such as all transportation or health issues. Use a
WIDE variety of events that shaped this time period.
**Slavery is not an event. A person is not an event. An Act is not an
event. The Bill of Rights is not an event. The Constitution is not an
-Do include: historic analysis and research as to why such an event was
-Do include: exact dates for events. Colonists coming to America
1600-1700 is not a specific event. The Civil War 1861 is not an exact date.
-Grammar: be sure not to say I think. Keep I, we, us, our, etc out of
formal assignments. Run spell/ grammar check.
-Format: Be sure to add your name to the doc title i.e. ZuponMelindaMFINAL.
Include a title page with your name, date, assignment title. Place page
numbers on each page. Use Times New Roman- 12 pt. Double space. This is
a formal paper. No power points will be accepted. Word .doc formats ONLY.
-Research: You MUST include citations and a bibliography. You should have
several citations to help prove your point but not so much that all you are
doing is either paraphrasing or stringing quotes together. Do NOT use
websites like: Brainscape- Babble- Wikipedia, Thoughtco, Credo,,, All-that-is-interesting, etc. Use College level,
scholarly sources. Do not use any encyclopedias.
You MUST use more than 1 source.
HINT: If you'd like me to take a quick one time only look at the paper
before you submit, please attach it in an email.


American History 1492-1877
October 12, 1492- The Discovery of the Americas
Christopher Columbus first lands in the Americas. He and his companions plant the flag of Spain on the island. Columbus discovered the New World for Europeans. He named the island San Salvador, although the natives already had a name for it; Guanahani. The event is important in American history because the exploration of the Americas by the Europeans had certain impacts on Native Americans, as well as the trade across the Atlantic Ocean. Also, studying Columbus as a person and his contribution in introducing Europeans to the Americas is important as it sheds light on some fundamental aspects of American history, such as migration of people from different cultures, and how such migrations affects the inhabitants even today. Further, Columbus's discovery of the Americas is an important event that is celebrated each year on 12th October in the United States (US).[. Robert Hume, Christopher Columbus and the European Discovery of America. (Leominster: Gracewing, 1992), 38.] [. Leah Shafer and Bari Walsh, “The Columbus Day Problem,” Harvard Graduate School of Education, October 5, 2017, (accessed July 23, 2020).]

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