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Report paper. Investigating Water Related Issues – Assignment (Research Paper Sample)


Investigating Water Related Issues – Assignment
Water is vital to life on earth and is arguably one of, if not the most important resources we have on the planet. Unfortunately, issues such as pollution, inadequate and unequal access, destruction of fisheries and overuse are just some of many important issues related to water. Your task will be to investigate a major water related issue and discuss its impact and importance on water resources. Possible suggested topics are listed on the back of this page; however, you may choose an issue of your choice after checking it with the teacher.
Through information you gather from the investigation of your issue, you will produce a written, properly cited report (min. 750 words, double space, size 12 standard font) addressing the following:
 History of the issue
 Sides of the issue
 Scope/Scale and location of the issue
 Importance of the issue regarding water resources and its impact on those water sources
 Possible consequences of the issue.
 At least 2 two (2) examples/case studies of the issue from real world examples (newspapers and news outlets are a great source for this – stick to major newspapers or news outlets that focus on facts rather than opinion)
 Solutions that are currently being utilized to help mitigate the issue or what must be done to reverse the trend/address the issue.
You should look at a variety of sources to help inform your investigation however you are required to look at a minimum of 4 (four) sources - None of which can include Wikipedia! Accepted sources of information include but are not limited to: reputable web sources, academic journals, newspapers and books.
The research you gather to inform your investigation and produce your report needs to be cited using Chicago style referencing.


Fresh Water Withdrawal
Fresh Water Withdrawal
Water is a very scarce resources and one that has for some time been quite a sensitive issues. This is largely due to the dropping access levels for clean water. One of the main concern when it comes to water resources is withdrawal. This refers to the removal of water and diverting it either permanently or temporarily from the ground or the surface to a place of use. According to UNESCO under the United Nations, more than 75% of water that is withdrawn for industrial reasons is used for energy production. What is interesting is the fact that, since the 1950s to today the withdrawal of freshwater for electricity production has been on the rise. This is commensurate with the population growth. This is the case, where the increment on the withdrawals has been at an estimated 400%. However, despite the spike in the water withdrawal, there was a shift that started back in the 80s where the amount of water withdrawn reduced noticeably. This can be attributed to some water conservation measures that have been implemented over the years. 

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