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Brand Marketing Strategy for Disney Company (Research Paper Sample)


Analysis of a brand's marketing plan.
Please include the marketing mix, target customer group, promoting strategies, marketing objectives, methods of segmentation, product lines, PR, and pricing strategies.
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Brand Marketing Strategy for Disney Company
Disney is one of the most famous companies in the movie production world, producing movies for the adults, teens, and children. Disney mainly focuses on publishing, online media, radio, theatre, and music. Disney has its headquarters at Burbank, U.S where it has a game park. The company also has several game parks globally in countries such as China, France, Japan, and Hong Kong. The company is yet to make their brand popular with the Chinese people and the company management is doing its best to change that. The company has been able to penetrate the market and become synonymous because of a diverse marketing plan.[Ellis, Gary D., and J. Robert Rossman."Creating Value for Participants through Experience Staging: Parks, Recreation, and Tourism in the Experience Industry." Journal of Park & Recreation Administration 26, no. 4 (2008).]
Disney Marketing Mix
Marketing mix refers to a combination of those tactics that a company uses to promote its products and brands in the market. Disney has been able to touch the hearts of so many adults and kids. Disney's merchandize, movies, and game parks have made it possible for several adults to think fondly of their golden years when they were children. It is the marketing mix of Disney that has made people so much connected with the products. The first major product in Disney's marketing mix is their production company that has been able to come up with cartoon characters that have been able to connect with so many people. The most famous cartoon characters such as Minnie and Mickey Mouses are a production of the company. Disney has also been involved in the production of famous movies such as the beauty and the beast. The movies have enabled Disney to have ardent followers.[Armstrong, Gary, Philip Kotler, Michael Harker, and Ross Brennan. Marketing: an introduction. Pearson Education, 2015.]
The second product in the marketing mix of Disney is Disneyland. Those who get the opportunity to visit Disneyland leave with a lasting experience. Disney stores also make a major product in their marketing mix. The stores handle sales of all products that are connected to Disney including their watches, accessories, clothing etc.
Disney's Target Customer Group
Primarily, Disney is known to target customers of all ages. The goal of Disney is to provide every member of a family with the chance to find a lasting experience in their products. Mostly, the company targets average income families because they believe that these make the largest portion of the market and it would offer them the chance to penetrate further into new markets. Besides, Disney targets those living in the urban areas mostly. As a result, most Disney stores are located in large shopping centers and malls. More often, families would find it easy to travel together to any of the Disney theme parks regardless of the age group of the family members. For children, there are animated films and toys. For teens, there are live action films and Disney radio and many more. Disney stores are meant to satisfy the parents and ensure they have a lasting impression.[Zhu, Li, and Dan Xu."Marketing Strategic Change in Expansionof Disneyland: Cases Study of Disneyland's Overseas Expansion in Shanghai." (2010).]
Promotion Strategies
At Disney, promotions almos

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