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The Practice Of Fashion Design: Primary Source Report (Research Paper Sample)


The Primary Source Report (3-4 pages, double-spaced) is intended to provide you with a substantial amount of original primary research that can be incorporated into your final project/paper. As each student's project is unique, you may choose ONE of FOUR options of ways to conduct primary research based on your project's needs and/or your personal ambitions. The options are: conducting interview(s), film analysis, fieldwork/ethnography, or a descriptive analysis using archive(s)/object(s).
With the help of your instructor, you will choose the ONE option that you believe will provide you with the most valuable information and personal experience. (Please note that you're encouraged to include more than one type of primary source research in your final project/paper; for now, just pick one you want to try.)
The specific requirements and instructions for this assignment vary based on each of the four options that you may choose from. However, each option will require an equal amount of work and writing. On a basic level, the requirements are to conduct research, summarize your experiences (successes, struggles, etc.), and analyze how the experience helped to enrich your project or change your ideas/perceptions of a particular topic.
You will conduct a short interview with 1-2 subjects related to your topic. Following the practices we discussed in class, you will want to make sure you are selecting appropriate subjects and constructing appropriate questions (you can use ARS SP17 - interview worksheet.docxPreview the document and the readings on interviews to help you prepare).
This version of the paper should:
Offer a summary of your interview findings/observations: what did you learn from this interview, and from your subject specifically?
In addition to your findings/observations, include 5 of your interview questions, and briefly analyze their effectiveness.
Consider oral history/interviewing as a methodology: what are the benefits and complications? Why was this the best research method for your project, and what new insights did it generate?
Film Analysis
Select a film (can be any genre) and analyze its narrative, cinematography, performances, and design in depth.


Primary Source Report
The practice of fashion design can be traced back to early centuries, however, not much has been revealed about the relationship between fashion designers' values and personal experiences and the process of creativity in their design process. Fashion design varies over time because of several influential factors which explains how contemporary designers like Yohji Yamamoto have revolutionized the western fashion world, to create self-reflection designs. Yohji Yamamoto introduced new ways that triggered a complete aesthetic that purposeful review the true meaning of clothing.
Yohji Yamamoto unique designs express different sentiments; there is darkness inside Yohji Yamamoto that often radiate in the aesthetics of his clothing. His designs tell a visual narrative that questions proportion, the volume, movement and also develop the affectionate understanding from the designer's perspective. His attraction seems to come from a personal tragedy that shaped his worldview. His designs are expressive, allowing space between the garment and the body. The body can fit into the garment naturally without feeling restricted by the garments' pre-determined form.
Yamamoto designs are draped, enclosing the female body; he ignores the obvious body parts most designers would want to focus on a female body, shifting the attention to other body areas. This has changed how his clothes portray female bodies. Yamamoto produces elegant women fashion by deconstructing men's clothes. He plays with several ideas about alleged masculine and feminine views of women. One of his philosophies is to limit the distinction between men and women because he believes men and women have the same soul but are different in terms of their body structure.
His monochromatic designs of black color reveal his anti-fashion approach; he creates a carved asymmetrical oversized shaped layer using black color. Yamamoto states that “black is modest and arrogant at the same time, black can be lazy and easy, but also mysterious”. According to Yamamoto, many things can look similar; however, they can als

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