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Textile and Technology in Fashion (Research Paper Sample)


You can write an essay on Textiles and Technology in fashion. You can either write 1000 words on one example of how technology has become integrated into fashion  explaining the project you have selected, its context, influences, uses, etc. OR you can pick four projects of this type and write a brief 250 word explanation of them along with a final statement about how the four you selected are interconnected. Its your choice! The first option will be more about writing and then second will be more about researching. I hope that your experience with this will give another fresh take on textiles and help you think about how the things we are learning about in class are the basics to some very innovative things happening in the industry today.


Fashion Technology at Modern Meadow


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The issue of sustainable fashion has gained significant importance in the fashion industry in recent years. This can be attributed to the fact that issues related to sustainability continue to have more influence on consumers’ purchasing decisions. Sustainable fashion can be described as fashion products such as garments that are ethically sourced and produced. Major players in the fashion industry are thus striving to come up with innovative products and services that they can use to address the problems associated with massive environmental degradation particularly in areas where they source their raw materials from. One such company that is using technology to produce sustainable raw materials that it uses to produce its fashion products is Modern Meadow.

Modern Meadow is a fashion company based in New York. According to the company’s website, it harnesses the power of design, biology, and engineering to produce bio-fabricated leather materials in an effort to promote cost effectiveness and sustainable development. This paper examines how Modern Meadow has integrated technology into its fashion products so as to promote sustainability.

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