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Fashion During the Victorian Era – Bibliography. Arts Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


then i will write the annotation myself. he can just do the bibliography.
Bibliography and Outline/November 4 (5%)
The quality of your paper depends on the quality of your sources.
For this assignment, provide citations and a rationale (why is this information trustworthy?) for the six sources you will use for the final paper. Use only respected scholarly, academic and institutional sources, both online and in print. The use of non-academic sources, including Wikipedia or any general encyclopedia, will receive a half grade reduction. Papers without a bibliography and/or citations/footnotes will receive an F.
Olivia Warschaw, Research Librarian, will conduct an in-class session on research practices for this assignment. The Library also offers one-on-one research consultation appointments – reserve a spot through the Services tab on the Library’s website.For this assignment, be sure to include the following:
 academic or university press texts
 at least one journal article
 at least one primary source – material that dates from the time period
 at least three books
 complete citations using Chicago/Turabian formatting
 an assessment of the quality of each source
Also, I wanted to remind you that next week you have your bibliography and outline due.
For analyzing your image, consider elements such as clothing, body, culture, influences, designer, artist/photographer, model, setting, styling...
An example of basic outline would be:
1. Introduction
- description of image
-statement of personal interest
-thesis statement
2. Designer
-brief history of designer
-importance in history
3. Featured style
-cultural significance
4. Image analysis
-what can you say about the culture of the time from this image
5. Conclusion
-what the image presents
-why it is important
-personal thoughts
For the bibliography please use Chicago style 17th edition. The website ref works is very useful for that.
The picture is from 1890 victorian era. please look the bibliography for that and the historybackgoroud. write a paragraph of annotation


Fashion During the Victorian Era – Bibliography
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November 5, 2019
Academic or university press texts
Freeman, Susan Kathleen. “In Style: Femininity and Fashion since the Victorian Era.” Journal of Womens History 16, no. 4 (2004): 191–206.
This journal article discusses about the shifting trends in fashion ever since the Victorian era. The author’s analysis also includes the role of women and the subjection of femininity to the desires of a patriarchal public, based on how women’s fashion is designed and crafted. It will be helpful to analyze how the clothing in the picture fits with the overall trends and norms of the era.

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