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What Makes Friendships Valuable: Factors (Research Paper Sample)


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What Makes Friendships Valuable


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What Makes Friendships Valuable

Friendships are essential aspects of human life and interaction. In friendship, people get company, a sense of belonging and above all, an avenue upon which they can expressively share their feelings. Friendship is anchored on mutual trust among individuals. It is important to note that friendships are developed from almost all spheres of life (Carnegie, 2016). For instance, friendships may develop among neighbors at home, friendships among students and their classmates and at workplaces among a certain group of employees. Several factors and practices make friendships valuable. The factors that enhance friendship form the basis of the discussion presented in this paper.

Question 1

As earlier mentioned, friendships determine the social realm of an individual. Noteworthy, people do not just find themselves in friendships; they have to significantly communicate to establish a leverage upon which their friendship is anchored (Rawlins, 2017). Therefore, the following are some of the factors that make friendships valuable.

Friendship is majorly anchored on mutual trust as well as mutual sacrifices. The core value of establishing a cemented friendship is through developing mutual trust. The trust cultivated between or amongst individuals is essential since it allows for easy communication in the friendship union (Rawlins, 2017). The desire to confide in someone your fears, failures, and achievements call for excellent mutual trust. Friends are like our second family, they are not the people to shy away from. They are a part of one's life and hence, one can take up risks for them. True friendship is defined by the ability to willingly support your friend in times that they may be facing life crises, and thus, the concept of mutual sacrifice in friendships.

Loyalty defines the value of friendships. Loyalty involves being able not to criticize your friends in public, gossip about them or allow others to speak ill of them (Gottman & DeClaire, 2017). Loyalty is an early determinant of all friendships. Loyalty goes well beyond the mere fact of engaging someone in a conversation; it entails keeping a secret the troubles and achievements of your friends.

Question 2

One should care about the factors that make friendship valuable so that they can have a deeper understanding of what entails good and valuable friendships. Individuals need to comprehend the fact that establishing and

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