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The Changing Face of Food (Research Paper Sample)


Objectives of the research paper: Students will explore the changing food culture in the United States (US), New York State (NYS), New York City (NYC) and abroad by:
1. Exploring the impact of large business on agriculture.
2. Exploring the impact of advertising on the US food voice/culture.
3. Exploring the origins, and philosophy of the Slow Food Movement and its impact in the US.
4. Exploring the Farm to Table Initiative in NYS/NYC.
5. Exploring food insecurity in the NYS/NYC.


The Changing Face of Food
The Changing Face of Food
1 The Influence of Big Business on Agriculture: Monsanto Corporation
Among the agricultural business organizations enjoying the biggest market share of the competitive sector is the Monsanto Corporation, a global seed supplier specializing in Genetically Modified Organism. The organization accounts for the supply of 93% of genetically modified (GM) soybeans, 80% GM corn in the United States. Approximately 40% of farming land around the globe uses a wide range of Monsanto products, which includes herbicides such as the Roundup for fighting against weeds CITATION Top18 \l 1033 (Administration, 2018). The controversy surrounding the company’s product arises from the farmers mixed reactions towards the merits and demerits of its GM seeds, which consist of a mixture of glyphosate or Roundup. The advantages of the glyphosate-ready seeds include the fact that they can overcome infestation of weeds such as hemp dogbane, farmers use fewer herbicides, and they also allow for no-till farming which reduces soil erosion. Glyphosate-ready corn seeds also reduce the need for spraying maize with rootworm and corn stalk borer sprays and also guarantee framers higher yields CITATION Top18 \l 1033 (Administration, 2018). However, the seeds are more expensive than the natural ones and may lead to the growth of more resistant weeds. The use of genetically modified seeds for agricultural production evokes different reactions from the public with a majority of people raising concern reservations towards consuming such products on the basis of the company’s interference with the genetic constitution of the plants.
The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is the overall or regulatory authority that oversees the production of organic foods in the country. Organic food production requires farmers to use pesticides recommended by the regulatory authority through the National Organic Program (NOP) as stipulated in the Organic Foods Production Act (OFPA). The Act mandates the NOP with the responsibility of regulating the chemical products and pesticides used for organic farming as well as the handling of the organic produce. The program further protects the patent rights of agricultural or other research entities with proven claims over the production of organic farm produce in the United States and abroad.
Heirloom foods, also known as heritage foods form an essential part of the changing face of American food culture with their resilience among the different diets of American households. Heirloom foods refer to indigenous food and animal varieties characterizing the farming history of human beings CITATION Yee12 \l 1033 (Yee, 2012). Such foods serve to promote food resilience especially in the current era of climate change as even the indigenous breeds of livestock animals also function to supplement the industrial and milk produce CITATION Yee12 \l 1033 (Yee, 2012). Examples of heirloom foods include a wide range of vegetables and fruits such as the different species of potatoes, apples, carrots, onion, and even tomatoes. The indigenous breeds of livestock also form part of the heirloom foods with their supply of meat and milk. The foods are regaining popularity in the country due to the rising concern for healthy dietary behavior across the socio-cultural and political differences within the society CITATION Yee12 \l 1033 (Yee, 2012).
Monsanto’s agricultural practices are detrimental to the rising popularity of heirloom foods as they encourage the production of genetically modified foods in the country. Monsanto’s farm products have long-term adverse effects on the agro-ecosystem such as the growth of pesticide-resistant weeds as well as affecting the compos...

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