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Tennessee V. Garner Case Analysis (Research Paper Sample)


-Analysis of a Supreme Court Case (Student can select any US Supreme Court Case that impacted police producers or protocols)
-Think about the audience that you are trying to connect with in your paper. Are you writing to the discipline, profession, or policy-makers, etc.? Use scholarly language that demonstrates your command of the topic.
-Stay away from using first person voice. Work on using third person. Make sure you are not using the passive voice in your work. Use good time management and edit your paper looking for errors so that you submit your best work.


Tennessee V. Garner Case Analysis
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Regarding the Tennessee v. Garner case, the court held that in the event whereby a police officer is pursuing a fleeing suspect, the officer should not use force to stop the suspect. However, an exception is made in the case whereby the police officers consider the fleeing suspect to be a threat to the officer or other people in terms of causing death or serious injury. This is mostly used in a case whereby the suspect has a weapon and is already shooting back or threatening to shoot a civilian. This decision reversed a Tennessee statute which allowed the police to use deadly force on a fleeing suspect. This is regardless of whether the suspect is causing danger to other people or not. The case informed the creation if the UOF policy in the country (Exum, 2016). According to the policy, officers that use deadly forces of fleeing suspects should be in a position to articulate a probable cause for their decision of using the force to contain the suspect. Among such causes should be a serious injury or death during the time of using the forcing. In the case whereby there is media coverage showing the police shoot at a fleeing suspect, then the police executives ought to explain the officer's decisions.
This case has resulted in a lot of reforms in the police department as evidenced by the number of mistaken killings that have been taking place. In most cases, complaints have been made on the issue of discrimination among the black-Americans. The complaints indicated that the blacks were being killed regarding their skin color and not because they had committed a crime. As well, the American community has a notion that in the event whereby a black-American is caught in criminal activity, then the chances are that the person is guilty. Therefore, given the discriminations going on, the person would try to flee because once arrested it would be difficult for them to win the case. It is assumed that they are guilty of the action and hence, in the process of fleeing, most of the police

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