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The Tea Party Research Assignment: The Activist of Antitax (Research Paper Sample)


Give the history and detailed description and what the effects might be going forward. *THE PAPER IS ON THE CURRENT TEA PARTY NOT THE BOSTON TEA PARTY*


The tea party
Course title:
The backbone of the Tea Party consists of partisans, role players and republicans like Sarah Palin; Grover Norquist, the activist of antitax; Eric Odom, an online co-ordinator; members of the press like Mark Williams, the radio host, and Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck, hosts of the Fox news; Brendan Steinhauser that wrote the book called The Conservative Revolution. The Tea Party was started as a website platform in 2002 for people that did not agree with tax reforms, and it eventually became protests by Freedom Work groups and Tea Party Patriots that took issues the streets. The Tea Party is not considered a national party movement but rather it is made up of conservatives, Liberals, Populists, Independents, some Democrats and Republicans that want to see the their country become better and the constitution and Bills of Rights are adhered to by politicians. There has been a number of protests done by the Tea Party movements like the Tax Payers Match of Washington in 2009 and various protests against president Obama`s agenda on health care acts and financial aid. The Tea Party believes that they are the beneficiaries to the Boston Tea Party, back in the 1770s that defied the military might on earth. The Tea Party represents the voice of the American people” We the People”. This research paper will look into the history, the description and the effects of the Tea Party going forward.
History of the Tea Party
The Tea Party is not a political party but a grass root movement that is expressing the discontent that is disconcerting for Americans (Eichler, 2016). Von (2010) suggests that Rick Santelli is indeed the founder of this movement. He goes on to say that Rick, who is the CBSN commentator, ranted about the plan on foreclosure crisis by the Obama administration. Jonsson (2010) also agrees with Von`s statement about Rick Santelli being the Bing Bang of the Tea Party after his rant on president Obama's proposals. These were multibillion dollars proposals that were going on in Washington and people wondered where all this money would come from. From there, Santelli thought of having a Chicago Tea Party just like the Boston Tea Party in 1773. This was the conception of the movement (Montipoli, 2012). These grass roots opponents were a huge factor in the U.S. political arena. After the rants by Santelli, the conservatives, J.P.Freire and John O'Hara of The American Spectator and the Heartland Institute respectively, thought of ways to harness the rants by Santelli. So, they planned a Tea Party on the 27th of February, outside the Whitehouse. After a month and a half, nearly 500,000 people protested in San Francisco and also in Atlanta (Jonsson, 2010).
The Description of the Tea Party
The Tea Party movement is seen as a grass root political activity and also a corporate funded activity. It has both the national and local groups with their own agendas and it does not have any central leadership (Eichler, 2016). It is entrenched by Freedom Works that is involved in the recruiting of volunteers that would lobby government minority and reduce taxes. From the Washington post, it is reported that Freedom Works is tied to MetLife organisation, Philip Morris establishment and the Scaife family archconservative establishment (Von 2010).Statistics on the Tea Party positive reviews according to NBC News poll, stated that 41% of American adults had positive reviews, 35% amounted to the Democrats reviews and 28% were positive reviews from the GOP (Montipoli, 2012).
Tea Party Agenda
The Tea Party exhibits autonomy, where people set their own priorities and goals depending on what they hear from the news (Eichler, 2016). They have groups in different states that focus on different or even co...
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