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Survey Analysis – Who Will be the Real Losers from Brexit (Research Paper Sample)


Hello please write an analysis of the collected data of this research paper. the data was collected on surverymonkey.
please note:
1) The results are attached in the survey results doc (word)
2) The Questionnaire is attached as word doc.
3) The format that the analysis needs to be written in is attached in the analysis format example doc (word).


Survey Analysis – Who Will be the Real Losers from Brexit
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The Brexit, also known as British Exit, is perhaps one of the most significant and controversial socio-political events that the world has known in the past decade. It is during this event, where a referendum conducted amongst the people led to the United Kingdom’s separation from the European Union, that different economic and social repercussions are felt around the whole world. While these effects might seem to be macro in character, a closer look would show that it also affects different individuals from different parts of the world in different ways. In line with this, the researchers conducted an online survey (Appendix A) aimed at understanding how different people think about the said issue. This includes an analysis of the demographics as well as the opinion of the people, analyzed through the use of statistical means. Nonetheless, the author believes that by understanding people’s perception of the issue could help in any further study conducted about the same topic.
Data Analysis
The survey questionnaire for this assignment started with an inquiry about the demographics of the respondents, such as gender, age (bracket), region, and income range (Appendix B(A)). Upon compiling the results, the survey showed that 55% of the respondents were male, while 45% are female. As for the age, most of the respondents are people who are from the ages of 16-24. However, what is surprising is the fact that most of the respondents come from the Middle East (65%) and Asia (25%), while those from Europe only comprise of small section of this population (10%). In line with the main purpose of this study, this number of respondents is just sufficient to understand how other people from other countries view the issue at hand.
The second part of the questionnaire deals with how people think about the effects of Brexit to different socio-political aspects of the European Union. The first part of this survey (Figure 5) shows that more respondents (40%) thinks that the value of the pound would only be a little less as compared to the Euro. However, contrary to this belief, the aftermath of the Brexit has led to the significant decline of the Pound as compared to the Euro, with recent estimates amounting to 15% of its “pre-referendum levels” CITATION Exp19 \l 1033 (, 2019).
Some other questions that was asked of the respondents includes the possible effects of the Brexit to their vacation plans and the sensibility of David Cameron’s move of holding the referendum. However, it seems that opinions on these matters are just the same, with 45% and 55% of the respondents voting

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