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Solar Energy Techniques: Cleanest Sources Of Electricity (Research Paper Sample)


This research paper is about an energy topic which is related to my major - Environmental Science, Policy and Management. The topic should be from the topics mentioned in the course (choose one from the list of available topics - attachment) and do in-depth research on the chosen topic. Specific requirement will be uploaded as attachments along with sample essays. Please decide the topic and tell me that once you decide ASAP. Appreciate!


Solar Energy Techniques


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Solar energy is one of the cleanest sources of electricity, as it requires no liquid or gaseous fuel for combustion or transportation from one point to another. Production and storage of electricity from the sunlight is economically more feasible than other forms of energy. Sunlight is free and more abundant and therefore, is an important source of energy required to operate activities such as lighting and operation of machines.
Executive Summary

The prices of fossil fuels have been increasing and the future of such sources is unpredictable due to their non-renewable nature. Furthermore, they have contributed heavily to the emission of greenhouse gases, which are the main causes of global warming. As such, people have turned to exploit the readily available renewable sources such as solar, wind, geothermal, tidal and biomass forms of energy. One of the eco-friendly energy sources with huge potential is solar energy. Although this source has several benefits such as being cost-effective, renewable and environmentally friendly, it is underutilized and contributes only 1% of the total amount of electricity obtained from renewable sources. Some of the solar energy techniques currently under use include photovoltaic systems that have the ability to directly convert light energy into electricity and store it for later use. The other common technology under this category is solar thermal energy systems designed to collect the thermal radiation from the sun and convert it to heat, which is used for the production of energy or other industrial and domestic purposes. The third solar technology, which is relatively new is hydrogen and fuel systems. This technology produces hydrogen used to fuel vehicles and for electricity production. Every MWh produced reduces the emission by around 676kg per day. Also, these techniques have reduced the emission of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide by 1.9kg and 0.8kg respectively per MWh produced every day. Some policies have played a crucial role in the increase in the installation of solar energy techniques. For instance, carbon tax and Cap and Trade policies have been implemented in most European and the US. Since most companies may fail to comply, they are turning to renewable energy sources that do not release greenhouse gases as an alternative.

Solar Energy Techniques

Introduction and Background

The prices of fossil fuels such as oil have massively increased and the price of one barrel of oil is going for over $140 (Hall, 2010). In addition, fossil fuels have tremendously contributed to the emission of various greenhouse gases that are the main causes of global warming witnessed today. Therefore, this has necessitated the need for utilizing various renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, hydropower, and geothermal. The global market for renewable energy is huge and readily available, meaning it is a venture worth investing in. One of the most viable renewable energy sources is the sun. Solar energy has been in use since the ancient times, where the humans used the magnifying lens to concentrate the rays of the sun to light a fire. Over the years, several technologies such as photovoltaic cell aiming to convert solar to other forms of energy, particularly chemical have been developed (Hall, 2010).
While the installation of photovoltaic systems has dramatically increased in the past two decades, the solar technologies have for a long time suffered several drawbacks, consequently making them compete poorly in the current market that is largely dominated by non-renewable energy sources such as fossil fuels. Some of the challenges facing solar energy technologies include high installation costs, low conversion efficiency, and the intermittency. This has...

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