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The Racial Misconception of Aboriginal Barbie Dolls (Research Paper Sample)


Topic: The Canadian Racial Misconception of Aboriginal Barbie Dolls
Sources: 6
Format: APA, double spaced, 12 point font - times new roman
Additional notes: this essay should focus on the racial effect [Aboriginal] Barbie dolls have on Aboriginals in Canada


The Racial Misconception of Aboriginal Barbie Dolls
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People have unique skin color and hair type. Despite the fact that people are trying to create awareness, they have also concentrated on making different looks on Barbie dolls, all the features of the dolls are features of a white child. The Aboriginal people have a long economic, social, and historical disadvantages in Canada. For example there are about 20% Aboriginal population of Canada that is located in Ontario and some of these people love in urban areas. There are some human rights issues that are affecting the Aboriginal people in Ontario and they fall within the provincial jurisdiction. All the Aboriginal people living in urban areas suffer fotm heightened and cumulative poverty, discrimination and low levels of educations. Additionally, there is the issue of ethnic Barbie doll that is made from the real Barbie’s. Today, these Barbie dolls come in a coalition of different colors, races, ethnicities and nationalities. This paper evaluates all the racial effects of the (Aboriginal) Barbie dolls on the Aboriginal community in Canada.
The Barbie dolls have caused dangerous racial stereotypes. One of the first issue that is faced with ethnic Barbie dolls is that they are made from a similar style as that of the real Barbie dolls. It is also very hard to make Barbie dolls with the following races; Asian, Hispanic, and Black. Majority of the Barbie doll buyers are always interested in ethnicity as long as the dolls are not dangerous and harmful. It is also important for cultural diversity, ethnicity, and profitability. Capitalism has also has appropriated what is referred to as blackness and has made this dolls marketable.
The American Barbie doll strengthens racial stereotypes among the Aboriginal community. This is illustrated when (Fear-Segal, 2013) asserts that the manner in which the Barbie doll is dressed illustrates that Native Americans have the ability of having leisure activities only. Such activities include beating of drums, sowing among other activities. This is very contradicting especially with the Caucasian Barbie doll which is always dress with upper class interests like lawyers, nursing, doctor, teachers among others. Additionally, (Fear-Segal, 2013) also says that the concepts of the superiority of the Barbie doll has contributed to much misconception of the Aboriginals in Canada because it has separated itself form the culture of the Barbie doll.
Even though the main purpose of the Native American Barbie doll is to highlight the beauty of the Native culture, the Barbie doll also reinforces false ideologies of “Nativeness.” This is because the doll reinforces racial stereotypes. The doll is demonstrated that the only real representations is the one that is portrayed. Additionally the female Native American Barbie doll is a challenge because the doll lacks knowledge on the ongoing issues of the Aboriginal people and their past conflicts (Luciw, 2012). The female Native American Barbie doll has belittled and has also created a lot of conflicts towards racial identities. There is no significance of having a female Barbie doll because it is inferior and unimportant.
There is lack of diversity when it comes of Barbie dolls. This is evident from 1980 when Hispanic Barbie Doll and later these models spread across the globe. Additionally in 2007, another Barbie doll referred to as Cinco de Mayo Barbie was introduced (Rice, 2014). The doll had worn a ruffled red, green and white Mexican flag. One of the Hispanic Magazine also stated that one of the interesting dramatic development in the history of Barbie was wh...

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