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Government Memo #3: The Political Climate In Zimbabwe (Research Paper Sample)


Please look at the government memo #2 that you have done for that country this is the following work. just follow the line and just do the memo #3

Date: December 1, 2017
Subject: The political climate in Zimbabwe
I believe that even with the removal of former President Robert Mugabe from power, the military’s involvement will not result in monumental changes in the country’s democratic space. The US continues to sanction country’s political and military leaders, who have used intimidation and politically oppressive tactics to limit democracy. Mugabe ruled with an iron fist, and even after growing unpopularity consolidated his power using political repression. The targeted sanctions are not the reason for Zimbabwe’s woos but a failed political leadership. United States will continue to support democracy including free and fair elections. We recognize that gross human rights violations have been perpetuated against the Zimbabwean people, and we support an open democratic society.
Emmerson Mnangagwa is now the President of Zimbabwe, after the military were involved in a bloodless coup, and is now the third president having previously served as the Vice President in 2014-2017. The 75 year old politician is a war veteran who fought against British colonialism. Mnangagwa is a member of the populous Shona tribe. Mnangagwa is a member of the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU PF), which has been the ruling party since the 1980 independence. The party is more Marxist as one of the continent’s parties that still focus on liberation struggles. While the president has called for closer ties with the other countries it remains to be seen whether he will support democratic transition.
The main opposition leader is the 65 year old Morgan Tsvangirai, who was once the Prime Minister in 2009 -2013 in a power sharing agreement after a disputed poll. While he is also a Shona, he enjoys more support among the smaller communities in Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party. Tsvangirai is more open to capitalist policies, and has even critiqued former President Mugabe’s policy and impact on foreign investment n the country. Tsvangirai is married and was educated at the John F Kennedy School of Government. As sanctions were imposed targeting the previous regime, Tsvangirai has supported democracy and better relations with the Western countries.
Under the reign of Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF, there has been increased represses of the people and even attacks on the opposition party supporters. Even with the existing sanctions against the country, the leaders increased their control of diamond mines while limiting democracy. Zimbabwe’s international pariah status is because of past policies, and the challenge for the opposition figures is increased harassment and targeting by the police, that even Tsvangirai has previousl...
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