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Organizational or Community Change Initiative. Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Our change initiative will focus on providing detailed cultural competence and unconscious bias training to medical care providers working with pregnant women in order to increase awareness of bias and decrease the negative impacts of systemic racism and inequitable access to care for Black women. This initiative focuses on addressing layers of power, privilege, and oppression and how it impacts women throughout their lives, as well as how it impacts their medical care. This change initiative will work to address those systems of power, privilege, oppression so that medical providers can be more aware of social systems of racism and how that may be impacting their patients’ health and the care those patients are receiving .
Questions :
Explore One Change Goal and One Change Strategy .
Choose one change goal related to your change initiative.
Identify one change strategy to achieve the selected change goal. (Examples of strategies include: Direct Action, Education/Awareness Campaign, Social Planning, Community Engagement, etc.).
Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses your strategy.
Incorporating your assessment of your strategy in #3, describe how are you plan to achieve the selected change goal.
Please not more than 2 credible citations


Education and Awareness Campaign
(Student’s name)
Social Sciences
(Institutional affiliation)
Education and Awareness Campaign
I think that the best goal to have is to educate and increase awareness about the cultural bias that black women are experiencing in receiving care. For instance, if a patient is refused to be given care because of their color, they know which actions to do because it is their right as well. At the same time, the medical providers will be able to gain more knowledge on how to address the issues and what needs to be improved.

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